Welcome to Ms. Hall's English Class!

This blog is where we will post and comment on my work and yours. We will share our best writings, our pictures, our happy moments, all through the class blog. This blog will be visible to your parents and others in the community, which means that what we post must be the best of what we can produce.

As we post new things this post will get bumped lower, the newest posts show up first. To track down certain posts use the labels section on the right. Anything labeled 'FromHall' is something I have posted to the blog. Anything labeled 'StudentPublishing' will be a post from one of your classmates. We will add labels as we go throughout the year.

I am looking forward to this year with you!

Ms. Hall 
Welcome to Ms. Hall's English Class! Welcome to Ms. Hall's English Class! Reviewed by ROSEOUS COM on August 25, 2015 Rating: 5
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