Children's Book Rubric Checklist

Rubric (Checklist) for Children�s Book: Due November 30th, December 1st.

______ ZERO Grammar mistakes. This is to be published for people outside of the school to read. Triple check your grammar.

______ Ten pages minimum plus a cover page. (11 total MINIMUM)

______ One to four sentences per page. Do not overload each page with text. Remember, these are aimed at 2nd graders.

______ Fully colored pictures to accompany each page. Your own art, nothing pulled from the internet. Paint is acceptable on a case to case basis, see Ms. Hall to ask for permission.

______ You must have a title and by: (your name) on the cover.

______ Simple and easy to follow story.

______ If dialogue is used, make sure it is correct, see blog attachment.

______ No stains, rips, folds in the final papers you turn in for publishing. If there are any, you will be asked to redo that page.

______ See the older blog posts for initial instruction (typed words at the bottom of each page, readable font, size 16 or up, etc.)

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