Hercules Storyboard

To get an example of a Hero in reference to the Greek Hero notes you recently took, you will read through the trials of Hercules.

- Read through the story - Hercules Life

- There are 5 sections, Introduction, Early Life, Hera's Revenge, the 12 Labors, and Immortality. Read all sections.

- You will then each create a storyboard of Hercules early life and Hera's Revenge, the 12 trials he had to overcome, and what happened to him after he completed them.

- Write a sentence in each box accompanied by a picture. Fill in each of the 16 boxes provided on your page. 

- If you finish in class, turn it in, if not, this is homework.

- If you finish you may Silent Read your own book, read the next chapter of Of Mice and Men, or continue work on your poem.

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