National Novel Writing Month!

We are going to take some time today to explore this site and see who in here is willing to accept the national writing month challenge.

By the end of class today you must:

- Explore the nanowrimo site, specifically the nano prep and nano resources pages under the 'inspiration' tab. Scroll down to #3 for helpful links and activities.

- Sign up if you are willing to make an attempt, even if you don't finish, it would be a great thing to try!

- Search YouTube Videos for 'NaNoWriMo' and see if you can find anything informative or inspiring. If you find any you really like, include the links in your email to me below.

- Fill out the character questionnaire. Try to create a person who you would like to create a life and world for (SCROLL DOWN TO GET TO THE QUESTIONS) -

When you finish this, email it (along with any helpful links you found on YouTube) to This will be your formative grade for today.

If you complete all of these steps within the time given, start brainstorming where you can start your character, a setting, a plot, etc.
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