Artifcats for Big Question Research

Artifacts and Sources are an important part of your research for your Big Question. They can come in all shapes and sizes and should be used in order to support the side of the question that you are arguing. Some examples are:

- Reference works, encyclopedias and dictionaries
- Major periodicals (newspapers, magazines, journals)
- Reliable websites (.edu, .gov, .org) - some .com (, etc.)

- Novels
- Poems
- Plays
- TV shows
- Movies
- Songs
(Try to think about ones we have used/studied in class!)

- Paintings
- Photographs
- Journal entries
- Conversations/interviews
- Blogs
- Podcasts
- Emails
(These can be your work, or the work of friends or professionals)

There is an endless amount of resources available for you to explore in order to support your BQ. Think about the stance you are taking, what the counter-arguments could be, and how you can prove those incorrect.

AT THE END OF THE THIRD QUARTER: You need at least 4 artifacts/sources that you cite on a works cited page (MLA) at the end of your presentation - Works Cited and MLA Information

MORE EXAMPLES: Last Year's Big Question Examples - Remember, some of these examples are great, and some are missing aspects such as concrete evidence or their citations.

BY THE END OF CLASS: Fill out the last page of your BQ Packet that you received last class with two sources from the Literary or Scholarly sections, you will need to show this page to Ms. Hall when you are finished. You will then try to find two more supporting artifacts from the Artistic/Personal list (songs are also a great supporting artifact). Four total. Open Google Docs or Word to save all these citations for yourselves as well.  Use the works cited information above to help you cite your sources.
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