Movie Maker Information - download YouTube videos into this in order to input them into your Movie Maker Project.
- Copy the URL
- Paste into Clip Converter
- Hit Continue
- Download the MP4 file
- Save into your Movie Maker folder and you can access it from Movie Maker

All Movies MUST be saved as MP4 files in order for you to present them.
- Click Save Movie - top right corner
- Click Recommended for this Project
- Save as type - .MP4 or .WMV - if you do not save as one of these formats it will not be presentable.
- Save - it will show a download bar that you need to wait to continue.

If you saved anything beneficial to the Dell Venue Tablets you need to go back to the exact tablet you were using if you saved anything directly to it. You can also email work to yourself or save to OneDrive to access it. Think about saving to your Google account or your Microsoft account.
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