4/18-19 Final HONY Letters (HONORS)

Today we will be going to the computer lab. You will have an hour to take your rough drafts of your HONY letter and type up a final.

When your final is complete, you will submit it (email to turnintomshall@gmail.com) EMAIL SUBJECT: (YOUR NAME/FIRST AND LAST) HONY FINAL DRAFT

This is a process writing assignment and is worth 50 points. Make sure you have the following:

- HEADER (Date/Class Period) on the RIGHT TOP
- GREETING (Dear Adjective Noun) Depending on what your HONY post is about you will come up with a name for your person. Examples: Dear Grieving Mother, Dear Brave Survivor, Dear Confused Adolescent, etc.
- BODY (Minimum 3 paragraphs, ask questions, why are you interested in them, does this relate to you, who you are, why you chose them, what their story means to you, advice, thoughts, how this could help those who read it, etc.) Minimum one page long. INDENT paragraphs.
- SIGNATURE (Sincerely, YOUR NAME and on the next like ROCK RIDGE HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT (Not in caps like this).

You will then attach your screen shot of the picture and story you are responding to. Copy and paste it from the email you sent me if needed. Or you can go back to the website and find it there to copy. You need the picture AND the story. If you can make this relatively small, you can feel free to be creative and have your letter text go around your picture/story so that it all stays on one page. Otherwise add this to a separate page.

Have at least one person sitting next to you reread your letter. Take your time, reread yourself, any grammar/spelling mistakes will be counted off for, as well as look bad in a published piece.

We will be sending these to Brandon, the creator of HONY.

Due completed by Wednesday 4/20 11;59pm.
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