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Sometimes keeping our most important thoughts short is the most difficult part of English writing. When I was in college I was assigned a paper that could only be two pages long. It meant that I had to get straight to my point and show my point of view very quickly, but without being too cut and dry.


You have only 250 words, no more, and the choice of one of the following topics. MLA Format. Printed out to be handed in. You need an introduction, body, and conclusion. It needs to be a full developed paper, not just a paragraph.

You are required to have one source minimum. You need a works cited page (does not count towards your word count) and an intext citation for a quote/research you pull from your source. Refer back to our MLA lessons on the blog to help you.

Your header does not count towards your word count.

Your assignment is due: 6/8 (Two weeks)


Pick one of the following topics to PERSUADE me to believe.

- Pick an emotion, convince me that it is the most important emotion of all.
- Pick a political candidate/happening, convince me to see the way you do on the subject.
- Does texting/social media/etc. create isolation and a generation of people who can't talk to each other in person?
- Should all students have to wear school uniforms?
- Should girls be allowed to play on boys sports teams?

Use this to help you write your paper: Writing the Persuasive Essay

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