November 15th and 16th - SUB - Hercules

Today we will begin our introduction to Myths. This will lead into a larger project that you will be working on in both your History and English Class. Today we will be starting as I introduce you to a Greek Hero. 

- Read through the story - Hercules Life 
- When you open the page, close out of the video it shows you and scroll down to read about him. On your phone you may need to click on each header in order for the text to be shown to you.

- There are 5 sections, Introduction, Early Life, Hera's Revenge, the 12 Labors, and Immortality. Read all sections.

- You will then each create a storyboard of Hercules early life and Hera's Revenge, the 12 trials he had to overcome, and what happened to him after he completed them.

- Write a sentence in each box accompanied by a picture. You need to complete 10 boxes minimum. 

Once you complete this assignment, you can study your vocabulary individually or in small groups. You will have a vocab quiz on Thursday (11/17) and Friday (11/18) this week. 

Vocab List 3 and Quizlet 

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