Myth Project Research

- Pick up a Dell Venue 
- Research at least three sources about your Research Roll Questions and Myth then write down their MLA citation (you can use to help you).
- For each citation you write down, also copy the direct link to the site.
- Write a few quick sentences about what is included on the site that may be helpful to you. Try to copy at least one direct quote to use later.

- Save all your information on a Google Doc (The Dell Venue does not allow you to save Word documents, if you use Word, be sure to email yourself the information before you log off.) we will use it later when we work through your Annotated Bibliography as a class. 

Link to your Original Myth Project: Myth Project Blog Post
* Use the provided example to assist you with your research. There is also a link to the project sheet that was handed out to you last week. 

If you finish early or need a break:
- Read Odyssey Book 10+11
- Silent Read your personal book
- Study Vocab List 4
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