Work Day 12/12 and 12/13

In class today you MUST be doing one of the following:
- Researching sources for your Roll - Myth Project Handout
- Researching your Myth
- Writing your Annotated Bibliography (Submit on TurnItIn Instructions
- Finish reading books 9,10,11 of  The Odyssey
- Silent Reading

Quick Info:
Roll One: Research your main character and the symbol that best represents them.
Roll Two: Connect your myth to Greek life/culture.
Roll Three: Connect your myth to modern day life/culture.
Example: Persephone and Hades

Annotated Bibliography: Annotated Bibliography Handout/Blog Post
To write a correct MLA Annotated Bibliography you must,
- Be in MLA format, Times New Roman, Size 12, SINGLE spaced for paragraphs - MLA Information
- Have three (3) sources that you are citing
- Each source will have two SHORT bibliography paragraphs.
      a. Paragraph one will be a brief summary of your source. 3-4 sentences.
      b. Paragraph two must include:
          - How does the source connects to your research? AKA why did you choose it?
          - Minimum one direct quote and why it helps to support your research.
          - Do you believe your author is reliable? Do they have any bias?
               *If I were to write an article about soccer, it would be bias because I love soccer and I
                 have only ever played soccer.
     c. Optional things to include in Paragraph two:
          - Who is the author? Is he/she qualified on their subject? Do research on other things
             they have written.

Due Dates:
- Annotated Bibliography: 12/20 (A) 12/21 (B)
- The Research Paragraphs are No Longer Assigned.
- Creative Myth Group Presentations: 1/11 (A) 1/12 (B)
**Extensive Calendar Written on Classroom Board**

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