Create A Myth Presentations

Due Date: 1/11(A) and 1/12 (B)

In your myth groups, you will be creating your own myth story and presenting it to the class.

Original Assignment: Myth Project Link

Which states:
5-minute presentation of your myth: Each group must present their myth creation to the class.  This presentation can be in any form or style and should demonstrate your story telling skills, and that you can speak clearly in front of the class using a tone and attitude appropriate to the situation.  Your presentation should demonstrate your understanding of your myth, explain the role of the symbol in your myth, and the importance of it in a modern context and how it shows ancient Greek values (all 3 driving questions). Presentation ideas: oral story, skit, video, children�s book, or any other approved method.
Be Able to Answer: What does our myth teach to its audience? What symbol do we use? How does it connect to our society and to original Greek values?

Your myth must have a symbol that is the center of your myth. Make sure you explain why it is important within the story you write and how it relates to your main character - List of Symbols to Pick From

Your myth can be about any character, made up or chosen from your Greek Mythology research. You are writing a creative story about them which must include what is listed below. You are doing this AS A GROUP so split up the work evenly.

Your presentation must include:
- Read/present your myth.
- Explain what symbol you chose and what it represents within your story.
- Answer what does your myth teach to your audience? What lesson?
- How does your myth connect to our lives, as well as connect back to original Greek values.

Presentation Ideas:
- Time-lapse Video
- Prezi, no PowerPoint
- Video/i-Movie
- Sock Puppets telling your myth
- Write and present a Rap or Song
- Music compilation
- Newspaper front page
- Whiteboard drawing video
- Powtoon
- Comic Book
- Children's Book version of your story
- Skit/ Play

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