Found Poetry

Found Poetry is taking the words on a page of a book, and choosing only a few of them, to create your own poem. I have books available for use in my classroom.

- Brainstorm in your journal first, write your poem down there to check that it makes sense and that you have the best possible poem put together.
- It must make sense
- It does not have to rhyme
- Start with a pencil on your book page, circle your words wide.
- If you write over any of your words, you need to START OVER. It needs to be clearly readable.
- No one color black outs, artistic effort MUST be apparent.
- Do not select full sentences, or select so much that it just summarizes what is already written.
- SUMMATIVE grade.

Good: Very artistic, time taken to clearly circle each word. Artistic ideas added.
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Bad: (Poem is awesome, but paid no attention to artistic detail) Some words are slightly covered in marker.
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