Literary Circles - Academic

For the next three weeks you will be put in Lit. Circle groups based on the theme/genre of your independent reading book.

Each class you will meet with your group and discuss how your individual books relate back to your overall group theme. Each group member will have a role for each meeting. These roles will rotate. If your group is larger, there will sometimes be more than one of you completing one role.

General Guidelines - Role Sheets

These sheets will be turned in at the end of your Lit. Circle each class period.

On 4/5 (A) and 4/6 (B): Your group will share out on how each of your books relates back to your theme. You will do this on a poster made in class and you will NOT give away the end of your book to your classmates. Think about trying to sell it to them to get them interested in reading it.

Today (3/20): We will be attempting to get ourselves in Lit. Circle groups based on theme/genre (This may take Mrs. Whittington a little adjusting until the next class period).
- Then you will be separating your book into 6 sections. You will be responsible for reading a section before each class period so you have new content to talk to your group about.
- Do not fall behind or you will struggle to catch up.
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