Porphyria's Lover

You and a partner will be creating and presenting a body biography of a character within Porphyria�s Lover.

What is a body biography?
A body biography is a combination of artwork and writing (quotes from the book and your own explanations of those quotes).  You will decorate your body biography with these things in order to demonstrate your understanding of a character within Porphyria�s Lover. Please note: your body biography is not supposed to be a literal representation of what your character looks like. Instead, it should be more like a giant collage of written ideas, drawings, and symbols that work together to show us how well you understand your character. BE CREATIVE!

Use the guidelines below when constructing your body biography.

Heart: Special Relationships � Who/What is closest to the character? Place this character/thing in the heart and provide a quote that demonstrates this relationship.

Spine: Important Goals � What is this character trying to accomplish throughout the story? What drives his/her thoughts throughout the story? Place goals and thoughts on the spine and provide a quote that demonstrates both.

Strengths/Weaknesses:What is a strength your character possesses?  What personal quality needs to be improved? Does the character try to improve on his/her weaknesses? Find an area on the body biography to place the character�s strengths and weaknesses and provide a quote/quotes exemplifying both.

Symbols: What objects could be used to symbolize, or represent, the character? Find a place either within or outside the body biography to place this symbol and provide a quote expressing it.

Mirror, Mirror: How does this character see himself/herself? Display this inside a mirror. How is this different from the way others see the character? Display this outside the mirror. Provide a quote for how the character sees himself/herself and for how other characters see him/her.

Once you have analyzed the character using the above list, you will create a poster for your character.  All of the elements included in your analysis must be included on your poster.  You will be graded on completion and CREATVITY! Use your imagination to bring the character to life! 

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