No Fear Shakespeare - Romeo and Juliet

To read Romeo and Juliet on your own, use the link below. Make sure to follow along in class as we read. You can also find this link under the 'Scanned Class Documents' section at the top of the blog. Check back to this post for reading updates.

Romeo and Juliet Online Link

Week One: 4/24- 4/28
     *Shakespearean Sonnet Intro
     *Prologue Activity

Tuesday/Wednesday (4/25&26): Read Act One Scene 1

Thursday/Friday (4/27&28): Read Act One Scene 2&3
     * Character Chart - Fill out for each mentioned major character, any minor character that is not on the chart you will need to add briefly at the bottom of the page, or on a separate page that you staple to this one. (Paris, Peter, Sampson and Gregory, Abram, Prince).

Week Two: 5/1- 5/5
Monday/Tuesday (5/1&5/2): Read Act One Scene 4&5
     * Act 1 Study Guide - If completed, student will receive 1 extra point on 10pt Quiz.
     * Quiz Wednesday/Thursday (5/3&5/4)

Wednesday/Thursday (5/3&5/4): Read Act 2 Prologue and Scene 1&2
     * Act 1 Quiz Today
     * Finish reading Act 2 Scene 2 for Homework

Week Three: 5/8- 5/12
Friday/Monday (5/5&5/8):
     * Balcony Scene Chart (See Separate Blog Post Above)

Tuesday/Wednesday (5/9&5/10): Read Act Two Scene 3&4
     * Act 2 Study Guide
     * If you were absent for an SOL you need to read this on your own time!
     * Romeo and Juliet Terms

Thursday/Friday (5/11&5/12):
     * Watch Zeffirelli R&J Version through Balcony Scene.

Week Four: 5/15- 5/19
Monday/Tuesday (5/15&5/16): Read Act Two Scene 5&6
     * Act 2 Quiz next class (5/17&5/18)
     * Study Act 2 Study Guide AND Romeo and Juliet Terms (Above)

Wednesday/Thursday (5/17&5/18): Read Act Three Scene 1
     * Act 2 Quiz

Friday/Monday (5/19&5/22): Read Act Three Scene 2&3
     * R&J Timeline Handout
     * Continue DiCaprio R&J Movie

Week Five: 5/22- 5/26
Tuesday/Wednesday (5/23&5/24): Read Act Three Scene 4&5
     * Finish R&J Timeline Handout
     * Use Timeline to Study
     * Timeline Quiz NEXT class (Thursday 5/25 & Friday 5/26)

Thursday/Friday (5/25&5/26): Read Act Four Scene 1-4
     * Timeline Quiz
     * PWP Edits due on by 5/30(A) and 5/31(B)

Week Six: 5/30- 6/2
Tuesday/Wednesday (5/30&5/31): Read Act Four Scene 5, Act Five Scene 1&2
     * PWP Edits due 5/30(A - Today) and 5/31(B)
     * Any Timeline Quiz Retakes need to be done in the morning 8:45-9:15 before 6/1
       (Academic Only, if you are eligible there is a note in Phoenix).
     * Socratic Seminar on R&J 6/5(A) and 6/6(B)

Thursday/Friday (6/1&6/2): Read Act Five Scene 3
     * Socratic Seminar Prep Sheet
     * Socratic Seminar on R&J 6/5(A) and 6/6(B)

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