Shakespeare Vocabulary

ABIDE: wait
ALACK or ALAS: an exclamation of sorrow or dismay:
ANON: immediately; at once:
ART: are:
AY: yes; "oh"
BID or BADE: ask or direct
COUNSEL: advice
DOFF: take off; lay aside
DOST or DOTH: do
DRAW: take out or unsheathe a sword for action
E'ER: ever
ERE: before
FOE: enemy
FRAY: fight; brawl
GOD-DEN or GOOD-DEN: good afternoon or evening
HARK or HARKEN: Listen
HAST or HATH: has
HENCE: away from here
HIE: go, hasten, hurry
HITHER: here; to this place
JOVE: Jupiter, the most powerful Roman god
KINSMEN: relatives
KNAVE: servant or one of lowly position; a rascal
MARRY: certainly; a mild oath; by the Virgin Mary
MUTINY: revolt; fighting, violence
NAUGHT: nothing
NAY: no
NE'ER: never
O'ER: over
OFT: often
PRITHEE: please (I ask you)
RAPIER: a long, narrow, two-edged sword used for thrusting
REVELS: festivities and merry-making
SHALT: shall
SIRRAH: how one in authority addresses a servant
STRIFE: a quarrel, struggle, or clash
THEE: you (object)
THINE: yours
THITHER: there
THOU: you (subject)
THY: your
TIS: it is'
�TWIXT: between
VILLAIN: scoundrel; a low, dishonorable person
WAST: was
WHENCE: from what place
WHITHER: where
WILT: will
WOE: grief, trouble, sadness
WRETCHED: unfortunate, miserable, despicable
WRIT: written
YE: you
YONDER: over there

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