2017 Turnitin Registration

Turnitin.com <-- CLICK THIS LINK

- Create an Account as a Student
   *If you are doing this from your phone, click the three lines at the top, then 'Create Account'.
- Click 'Enroll in a Class'
- Enter the correct class ID and password for your block listed here.
- Use your personal email address to create your account.
- WRITE DOWN your log in and password once you are finished so that you do not forget them.

Block 0:
Class ID: 16010444
Password: Whitt0

Block 1:
Class ID: 16010454
Password: Whitt1

Block 2:
Class ID: 16010460
Password: Whitt2

Block 4:
Class ID: 16010469
Password: Whitt4

Block 7:
Class ID: 16010480
Password: Whitt7
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