iReady Testing Instructions

This will be completed in class with your teacher. Follow these steps to start your test:
If you did not finish in class, you must get a Rock Block pass to come complete the test. Or log on and complete it at home. This must be finished by Friday 9/15.

Reading Diagnostic Directions
� Log in to a computer using your normal username and password

� Plug in your head phones and turn up the computer volume. You may borrow headphones from the bin if you need them.

� Click on the LCPS-GO link on your student desk top and select I-Ready

� Enter your normal username and password for the computer.

� Be sure to select the Reading Test, not the Math Test.

� Follow the directions and answer the questions the best you can.

� If you need to pause the test for lunch or the restroom, click the �X� in the top right corner. The program will save your progress for you to continue next time. When you return, you need to log in again

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