Peer Editing Guidelines

9/13 and 9/14: Peer Editing our PWP#1.
10/17 and 10/18: Peer Editing for PWP#2.

  • Each student must bring a typed, printed out copy of their paper in to class.
  • Each student must read their paper out loud to their group.

Peer Editing Roles:
General Rule: Skip the apologies and take pride in your work, even if it is not perfect the first time.
1. Read your own work.
2. Direct the focus of the listeners if you want specific details attended to.
3. Solicit responses from the listeners.
4. Listen.
5. Do not interrupt the responder.
6. Point out the writing�s strengths and ask for help with the writing�s weaknesses.
7. Be open to the possibility of change.

General Rule: Do unto others as you would have others do unto you!
1. Listen.
2. Do not interrupt the writer�s reading.
3. Give full attention to the writer through eye contact and body language.
4. After the piece is read:
   � Respond to the piece as a whole
   � Begin with the strong points
   � Focus on sentence structure, word choice, description, paragraph organization
5. AVOID!!
   � Killer comments
   � Automatic stamp of approval
   � Monopolizing the discussion
   � Getting off track

Once the Writer has read their paper out loud and the Responders have given their feedback orally, then you can allow the Responders to look at your paper directly and help you make written comments on your paper. Pay attention to grammar mistakes and formatting requirements.

Check back to the Process Writing Blog Post to make sure you are meeting all requirements.
Use the Process Writing Revision Submission Form to help guide your conversations.
   - If you are required to do a revision, you must fill out a copy of this form and attach it to the top of your revision.

All Polished Drafts are due 9/17 by 12 midnight on Check the TurnItIn Blog Post for all posting instructions that we have gone over in class. 

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