End of Quarter Outline

PWP#1: Past due date (10/20). There will be no more revisions accepted. PWP#1 was entered in the gradebook 9/19. Students had a month to do their revisions, including work time in class. If students did not take advantage of this time, the R grade (75%) will remain in the gradebook. If student turned in one revision on the last day, it is likely that their grade will also remain an R. It was told and demonstrated to students that multiple revisions were usually required to earn an A (100%).

Previous PWP Blog posts that have been discussed in class:

Original Assignment Details
Revision Requirements
Additional Helpful Information

End of Quarter One Details:
10/24 and 10/25 - Small group peer presenting and self reflection for Poetry Out Loud
10/26 and 10/27 - Intro Poe, read Annabel Lee, Socratic Seminar intro and practice.
10/29 - Honors PWP#2 due on Turnitin.com.
10/30 and 10/31 - Present Poetry Out Loud (Summative)
11/1 and 11/2 - Socratic Seminar (Summative) - Cold Read for honors: Tell Tale Heart
11/3 - Last day of Quarter
      *If you missed the Socratic you must do the Make-Up and turn it in by the end of the day.
      *Email or Handwritten accepted
11/6 and 11/7 - Teacher Work Days
11/9 and 11/10 - Vocab List #3 Quiz

Academic Socratic Seminar Prep Checklist: Here

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