Poetry Out Loud Detailed Rubric

In class presentations on 10/30 and 10/31.
Original assignment, dates, and requirements - Here

Students will receive a half sheet rubric in class with teacher notes, for more in depth explanation for grades given, please look below.

In order to receive a 5 on the rubric:
- Introduction : Student introduced their name, poem title, and author to the audience before the recitation of their poem.
- Accuracy: Student needs no prompts for the next line of their poem and does not miss any words while presenting.
- Eye Contact: Student maintains effective eye contact with their audience the entire time.
- Memorization: Student has clearly memorized the poem in its entirety (Academic: Student demonstrates an effort to memorize their poem and uses their copy of the poem minimally to recite.)
- Voice Volume: Student speaks in a loud, clear voice and increased/decreased volume in a way that enhanced the presentation.

2-4: (4 being the minimal offence for each category, 2 being the maximum)
- Introduction: Student does not remember the name of their poem or author or needs to reference their copy of the poem. Or student needs to be prompted to say one of these three requirements.
- Accuracy: Student needs 1-2 prompts for the next line or misses 1-3 words in their poem.
- Eye Contact: Student attempts to maintain eye contact but looks away 1-3 times.
- Memorization: Student has most of the poem memorized, but not in its entirety.
- Voice Volume: Student spoke somewhat loudly and clearly.

- Introduction: Student does not introduce themselves or their author and poem.
- Accuracy: Student skips entire lines of their poem or has to restart multiple times.
- Eye Contact: Student makes no eye contact, either looking entirely at their copy of the poem (Academic) or away from their audience (Honors).
- Memorization: Student does not have their poem memorized.
- Voice Volume: Student did not speak loudly or clearly, it was difficult to understand what the student was saying.

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