P.O.L. Presentation and Reflection

Part One:
Presentations will be done to your small group. You need to do as much recitation from memory as you can without the help of your poem. Each group member will perform and then their peers will fill out the feedback form. Once a member has presented and the feedback forms have been filled out, talk in your small groups about the feedback given. Do this for each group member.

Once you have completed this, take turns to recite again and try to improve on your feedback.

Part Two:
Once the teacher directs you to stop practicing and each person in your group has presented, you will collected back your peer feedback forms, look them over and reflect on your practice presentation.

In a one page paper address your peer feedback, your overall comfort with the presentation, your connection to your poem, and what you plan to do next in order to improve. This should be a multi-paragraph essay.

You will turn this in at the end of class along with your peer feedback forms.

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