Create a Monster

In partners:
Create a monster who Odysseus could face in his 10 years of travel.

- Draw a picture of the monster and name it. Write its name on the front of the paper.
- Come up with and explain how your monster relates to Greek Mythology (The son of Poseidon, The daughter of Hermes and Pegasus, etc.) Front of paper.
- Come up with two songs that represent your monsters personality/life. List the two songs and their artists on the front of your paper.

- Use lines from the lyrics of the songs chosen (school appropriate) to explain how your monster looks, thinks, and feels in 2-3 paragraphs on the back of your paper. Include how Odysseus escaped from or defeated your monster. You may add in more songs on the back if you so choose. Minimum of four direct quotes from your songs in your paragraphs.

* Use COLOR - markers in the back.
* Be creative. Effort from both partners MUST be apparent.
* Add your lyrics in to your paragraphs like direct quotes in a research paper. (Song title, Artist).

The Water Titan often felt misunderstood. He traveled the lands asking, "do you feel like I do?" (Do You Feel Like We Do, Peter Frampton). The Water Titan, after getting no responses, then would get angry and "take a Louisville slugger to both headlights" as well as, "slash holes in all four tires" of oncoming horse drawn carriages (Before He Cheats, Carrie Underwood).

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