Social Justice

Zero Block and Skinny Block:

Read Valediction by Sherman Alexie.

1.) Respond to the following:
     - Define Social Justice.
     - What experiences have I had with injustice, and how do my actions, 
        or lack thereof, affect them?
    - What can I do to help social justice prevail?

2.) Define the following character roles - Victim, Bystander, Ally, and Perpetrator

3.) Read Valediction now. Apply these roles to characters in Valediction, use summary or direct quotes from the story to support your answers.

4.) Answer these questions based off of Valediction.
     - Why might the characters be playing these roles? Ex. What is the bystander afraid of? What is
        the Perpetrator gaining from the situation?
     - How would it look if the bystander became the ally?
     - What was the social injustice showed in the story and how could it have been corrected?

This was a Prep Activity for: (All Classes)
 On Cracking White City (non-fiction) read and discussed in class with this handout.

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