4 Vitamins For Beautiful and Health Leather.

Roseous.com - 4 Vitamins For Beautiful and Health Leather. Vitamins are a very important and indispensable nutrient for the human body, because there are so many benefits that we can feel from this nutrient. Unfortunately vitamins are not produced by the body, but obtained from food sources and other sources in a way dikonsumi. In addition to maintaining a healthy body, Vitamins are necessary especially for a woman while undergoing the process of skin care. In order to appear healthy, fresh and beautiful skin in addition to using lotions and skin cream treatments consume vitamins are also very good to help healthy and beautify the appearance of the skin from within. Then Vitamins whether the good dikonsumi for skin health. The following team of doctor articles will speak 4 Vitamins For Beautiful and Healthy Skin for you.

4 Vitamins For Beautiful and Health Leather.
4 Vitamins For Beautiful and Health Leather.


There is no doubt the usefulness and benefits of vitamin E for beauty and skin health, where Vitamin E works to protect the skin from damage caused by sun or ultraviolet rays. Vitamins that have antioxidant and fat soluble properties are naturally present in eight forms that are divided into types of Tokofenol and Tocotrienols such as: alpha, beta, gamma, delta, tocotrienol and tokophenol. The most active type of vitamin in the human body is vitamin E type Alfa Tocopherol.

Antioxidants in vitamin E can help prevent and counteract free radicals on the skin so that skin remains fresh and healthy glow. In addition, other benefits of Vitamin E is to maintain the condition of heart health, kidney and liver. At least adult humans need Vitamin E as much as nearly 15mg per day. Vitamin E can not be produced by the body naturally, vitamin E can only be obtained from food sources and natural supplements. Types of foods containing high vitamin E include: Almonds, Sunflower seeds, spinach, avocados, etc.


In addition to vitamin E, vitamins are also very necessary in regenerating the skin is Vitamin C. Not much different from vitamin E, Vitamin C also contains antioxidants and collagen sitesis good to help care for skin health. Consuming vitamin C regularly can help improve the effectiveness of sunscreen for the skin, but it also protects the skin from the dangers of exposure to sunlight.

Vitamin C helps reduce the signs of aging, such as wrinkles on the skin. In addition, vitamin C can reduce skin cell damage, helping the healing process of wounds found on the skin. Vitamin C is not stored in the body, so when consuming this vitamin the body will only use it in accordance with the required amount, the rest will be thrown through the urine. It is therefore very important to consume Vitmain C on a daily basis.

In addition to good for healthy skin, Vitamin called ascorbic acid is also an important nutrient for the body diantarnya: Helps the absorption of iron from plant foods, helps the production of collagen for bones and teeth, prevent cell damage, reduce cancer risk, protect from chronic disease infection , cough, colds and maintain the immune system. Foods that contain lots of vitamin C include: Orange, Chili, Parika, Kiwi, Berry Fruit, Papaya, Pineapple and others.

4 Vitamins For Beautiful and Health Leather.
4 Vitamins For Beautiful and Health Leather.


Vitamins are good for health and beauty of the skin next is Vitamin K, the main benefit of Vitamin K is to strengthen bones and accelerate the process of bone freezing. It turns out Vitamin K also contains good benefits for skin health, especially during the post-operative healing process. Vitamin K is often recommended by doctors in postoperative patients, due to its nature that can accelerate wound healing. In addition, vitamin K can also help disguise dark circles in the eyes, maintain skin elasticity, eliminate scars, and accelerate blood circulation.
Vitamin K is usually found in many types of beans, green vegetables, beans, milk bananas, broccoli, herbs and so forth.

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The best vitamin for the last skin is vitamin D, a vitamin that is well known for bone growth has proven to be another excellent benefit for the skin. Vitamin D is the only type of Vitamin produced by our body, that is by keeping intake of natural foods.

Vitamin D can help treat psoriasis, reduce the amount of inflammation and irritation of the skin. Calcitirol content in vitamin D can help improve skin damage, rejuvenate the skin, and prevent wound infections in the skin. In addition to often found in beauty products, Vitamin K can also be obtained naturally from foods such as fish, margarine and eggs.

Well that's 4 Vitamins For Beautiful and Healthy Skin, may be useful. Take care of your skin health by watching good intake and vitamins. Because vitamin deficiency in the body can also give effect not good for health including your skin. To get maximum results in caring and beautifying the skin you should consult a dermatologist to match the type and type of skin you have. Be Healthy!
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