In Class Timed Write 12/12 and 12/13

Today in class you will be completing a timed write. You will have the entire class period to write PWP#4 (Academic: PWP#3) and submit it to Zero block and Skinny block will have two 45 minute class periods.

We are almost halfway through the year. This assignment will give you the opportunity to experience an assignment that you are likely to face in 10th and 11th grade. You will not be able to perform edits on this PWP and you will score a 0-100, not just a 75(R) or 100(A).

- You must choose a PWP genre that you have not already completed (You cannot use Poetry for this assignment)
- You must follow all the guidelines required of a PWP - MLA format, correct header and title, attempt for a minimum of 350 words.
- You must turn in drafting done on paper. You must do some preparation before beginning to type. Examples: graphic organizer, outline, idea generating, etc.
- You must submit your work to by the end of class.

- Use the blog to your advantage. Use the MLA label as well as the ProcessWriting label to help you.
- If you are completing a Readers Response and do not have the book, search for an online version of your book or search popular quotes in order to have your required direct quotes.
- Follow the Business Letter Formatting if you choose a business letter.

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