Processing Of Prostate Claim And How To Overcome It

Roseous.comProcessing Of Prostate Claim And How To Overcome It. Swelling of the prostate gland is a type of disease that is often experienced by men, even almost all men will have problems in the urinary glands. Especially for men who have entered the age of 50 years and over, the prostate is often so easily infected and contracted diseases such as cancer. Prostate gland destruction in addition to disturbing also often cause pain, especially when you urinate. This time the Doctor Articles team will discuss about What is a prostate? Why is prostate a health problem in men in old age? then how to overcome it, let us refer one by one.

Processing Of Prostate Claim And How To Overcome It
Processing Of Prostate Claim And How To Overcome It

The prostate is one of the organs only found in men, where it acts as a cement producer released by men during ejaculation. Which is useful to neutralize the acidity of the female reproductive organs, so that the sperm contained in this liquid can be protected until it meets the egg. The prostate is a gland located just below the bladder. Where the position surrounds and flanking the top of the urethra, the channel that became the media out of the urine from the body.

In men who have entered the age of 25 years to 50 even 90 years, the swelling of this gland will occur very drastically. Where the swelling will cause one of the top of the urethra is pinched, this is in medical terms called benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH). Narrowing of the urethra causes urine to be difficult to get out so that the bladder needs extra concentration to pass the urine, this can result in the thickening of the bladder wall so that the bladder becomes weak and difficult to remove urine. Well, because urine contained in the bladder can not get out then people with BPH will experience urine retention.

Until now the cause of BPH itself is not known for sure, there are some who mention that the cause is decreased production of testosterone. This increases the production of DTH hormone (dihydrotestosterone) which stimulates prostate growth. Men whose families had a history of BPH were at higher risk for BPH, but obese men also had a higher risk compared with skinny men. Also men who have a history of heart disease and blood vessels, type 2 diabetes, erectile dysfunction and men who rarely exercise have a high risk of BPH. Not all BPH cause symptoms, of the many people with BPH only a quarter alone that cause symptoms. To be able to detect more early related to this BPH let us refer to some of the symptoms below:
  • Urinary tract obstruction is usually characterized by a faltering urination
  • Long time in urination, even if already urinate even still feel unfinished and want to urinate again.
BPH rarely leads to serious complications, it's just that BPH can also cause urinary retention - a total blockage in the urinary tract that can not pass on urine at all. BPH also often makes the bladder unable to remove the urine completely and leaving the rest of the urine in medical terms is called chronic retention.
    Processing Of Prostate Claim And How To Overcome It
    Processing Of Prostate Claim And How To Overcome It

    To note that BPH is not the same as prostate cancer, even people with BPH does not mean have a high risk of prostate cancer. It's just that both have similar symptoms. So if you feel and have experienced two symptoms above, you should immediately do further examination to the doctor.

    To be able to detect people with BPH usually doctors will perform some tests and checks including blood and urine examination, rectal plug, SPA (prostate specific antigen) checks and so on. Of the several cases of prostate enlargement are mostly harmless and surgery is unnecessary, doctors generally only provide medication and therapy to reduce the pain that arises and the discomfort caused by difficulty urinating.

    To reduce the discomfort that often arise due to swelling of the prostate gland below there are some healthy lifestyle tips that can be applied for people with BPH include:
    Reduce drinking two to three hours before traveling or sleeping, but you should still drink water at least 1.5 liters per day per day.
    After you have finished urinating, do it again to make sure that the empty contents of the bladder are completely empty
    1. Avoid drinking diuretic (urine) such as cola, coffee, tea, and alcohol
    2. If it is difficult when going to urinate, try to stand relaxed while urinating
    3. Distract yourself on other things like counting, or other activities if you are in a hurry when you're about to urinate.
    4. Perform bladder exercises by holding urine for as long as possible, this can be done for those who urinate so often that the bladder can hold longer urine.
    5. Quit smoking
    6. Perform regular Kegel exercises to strengthen pelvic muscles
    7. Avoid consuming allergy medicines and cold medicines. And perbanyaklah light activity, especially in cold weather.
    8. In addition to the above simple tips, the drugs that doctors advise and safe for consumption include: phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitor, a-blocker and 5-a reductase inhibitor.
    9. Where these drugs work to relax the smooth muscle of the prostate and neck of the bladder so that it can launch the urine. In addition it works as an inhibitor of the formation of dihydrotestosterone in the hope that the prostate will shrink.
    In cases of severe swelling of the prostate gland, doctors will usually perform surgery to remove a little of the prostate tissue that encircles the urethra. This surgery can be done by open surgery or minimally invasive surgery. Where this action is only done by the urologist surgeon.

    Thus our discussion of Prostate Gland Swelling and How to Handle it. May be useful. Be Healthy!
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