9 Things Men Should Know To Make Pimples Not Easier Appear

Roseous.com -   9 Things Men Should Know To Make Pimples Not Easier Appear. Acne includes skin problems that can be experienced by women and men. Many factors that could be the cause of the appearance of acne, such as hygiene, genetic, hormonal and bacterial factors. In contrast to women whose acne appearance is affected by the menstrual cycle, in acne males will continue to exist as long as they have not received treatment. This is because androgen levels in men tend to be constant. In addition, skin tissue in men who tend to be thicker, making damage or scarring, can be caused more severe than in women.

9 Things Men Should Know To Make Pimples Not Easier Appear

But you need not worry, there are ways to prevent the appearance of acne. Anything?

1. Keep your skin clean

Cleaning your face regularly is a must to keep skin healthy and avoid acne. Because the remaining oil, dirt, and products that are not rinsed can cause a blockage in the oil-producing glands channels and trigger acne.

2. Carefully choose products for facial skin care

There is a condition called acne cosmetica, which is the occurrence of acne caused by the use of cosmetic products. Avoid products that are too irritating and contain alcohol, because it can trigger acne. Choose a facial cleanser that is able to clean the dirt on the face up to the deepest pores, such as cleansers containing Carnitine and Super fruit2 extract that effectively clean the face thoroughly.

3. Avoid too often consuming dairy food.

A study published in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology explains that consumption of dairy and dairy products can increase the production of sebum that is indirectly at higher risk in triggering blockages in the oil glands that cause acne.

4. Control stress.

Psychological conditions greatly affect the onset of acne. A study in 2007 explains that the higher the level of psychological stress will further increase the severity of acne.

5. Do not smoke

Smoking will trigger the production of chemical compounds in the body called free radicals. Free radicals will trigger our body to produce proteins that cause inflammation (inflammation), called cytokines. This molecule is known to play a role in the early phases of acne. One study showed that in the pores of the clogged skin, high levels of cytokines were found that would eventually lead to acne. So, stop smoking if you want the skin free of acne. Then how n e-cigarettes or vape? The study in 2016 also explains that either smoking or e-cigarettes can both increase inflammatory cytokines that can cause acne.

6. Watch the shaver used daily

Strive to always use disposable razors and always pay attention to the cleanliness of shavers used, including aftershave products. Because these things can trigger the onset of acne-like conditions called folliculitis barbae.

7. Cell phones full of bacteria can be one cause

Mobile phones are one of the most common tools. Therefore, too long to put the phone to face when calling can cause acne. The solution? Use earphones and diligently clean the phone before use.

8. It's in your genes

Can not be denied, genetic factors play a role also in someone who is easy to experience acne. There are some individuals that when acne, then the acne that arises will be quite great with a long healing period, usually offspring will experience the same conditions when experiencing acne. If you already know that parents have a history like that then that does not mean can not be prevented. Perform good habits in caring for the skin so as not to have to experience similar conditions.

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9. Acne that has arisen should not be left

Acne that has arisen should be treated as soon as possible so that inflammation / inflammation can be resolved immediately so as not to appear complications in the form of scar (scar tissue). Scar acne can be a dark / red spots that are difficult to lose, skin texture becomes uneven or even raised. When it comes to this, the treatment will be even more difficult. Would not you? So, when your face acne, choose a facial cleanser product that is able to clean the dirt to the deepest pore layer, such as extracts of magnolia bark that effectively clean the face of dirt, dust and bacteria that cause acne. When your facial skin is clean, then acne will be easier to overcome.
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