Benefits of Red Dragon Fruits For Baby

Red dragon fruit has benefits to increase baby's endurance. The content of vitamins in dragon fruit, can prevent the baby so it is not easy to catch the disease. In addition to improving the baby's immune system, fruitbini is also very useful to improve the child's brain power. Iron in the fruit content of the dragon, also able to accelerate growth for the baby. Thus, if consumed regularly, allowing the baby to grow and optimal. the content of calcium in the dragon fruit is also powerful to strengthen the bones of the baby. How To Treat Dragon Fruit For Baby Here's how to process dragon fruit for babies is as follows: 1. Porridge The easiest to make dragon fruit preparations is to create porridge. Porridge is the most familiar culinary for babies who have not been able to chew. The trick is to peel the dragon fruit skin and take the fruit flesh. The contents of the dragon fruit remain included, considering it is difficult to separate the fruit flesh with its contents very much. You can soften dragon fruit flesh with a spoon or a food softener. Then live feed on your favorite baby. 2. Pudding How to process dragon fruit for baby is easy, one of them by creating pudding. It may sound absurd baby fed pudding. But this pudding does not mean to be in solid and cold form. You can create dragon fruit pudding by softening so porridge, then you cook ash gelatin until cooked, then when it has cooled slightly, mix the solution so it is with dragon fruit pulp. This will show you enough fiber for your baby. Dragon Fruit Juice Recipe For Baby 3. Juice How to process dragon fruit for other baby is to create juice. Here the juice in question is almost the same shape as porridge. The dragon fruit flesh, either red or white, is blended with a little water. Then the results of the blender is poured into the bowl to be fed into your baby. 4. Fresh fruit For babies, the same thing can be done like you banana. Dragon fruit you can give to your baby by gently dredging the flesh. Your capricorn can exclusively peel the fruit without having to soften or create juice. Try the baby is big enough for his digestive arm to get culinary other than breast milk
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