Causes And Signs Of Brain Cancer Disease In Human Body


What is cancer? Cancer is a disease in the form of bulge or unreasonable growth that can occur in every body of a person. Each lump is hard and painless and grows slowly in one of the parts of the body. Cancer itself is classified as a dangerous disease can even lead to death when it is too late in handling

In general, cancer is the growth of cells in the tissues of the body that does not make sense or normal, develop rapidly, uncontrollably, and will always divide, will further infiltrate the surrounding tissue and continue to spread through connective tissue, blood, vital organs and spinal cord. Then when there is accumulation of cells that develop and urged to damage the occupied tissue and organs can be regarded as a malignant tumor (accumulation of new cells). As for symptoms or characteristics of brain cancer Perhaps you've tasted a headache, a headache usually referred to as an indication of its appearance and is considered one of the hallmarks of brain cancer. You who sometimes memupnyai or frequent headaches should carry out an investigation at the doctor. The need for us to know that the brain is part of one part of the organ that is very important to maintain health, because with the brain, most of the movement, heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature and fluid balance run normally regulated by our brains. The brain of the human is very important role for the body of a person in charge of the mind and also the regulator of the entire body. Someone who has a brain cancer disease sometimes says the symptoms resemble the following: Brain cancer disease The presence of headaches that occur in small increments which then becomes more frequent and then become more sick until it gets worse. In addition to headaches, patients sometimes taste nausea to vomiting. The emergence of problems in vision, resembling vision into double or blurred. It is difficult to maintain body balance. Difficult in conducting the conversation. A change of behavior and personality. The loss of sensation as well as movement in the legs and in the arms gradually. The emergence of hearing problems. The appearance of seizures. The cause of brain cancer Hereditary or genetic factors Never experienced a reliable clash or a head injury Foods that contain lots of chemicals Radiation emission Smoke Consume alcohol Stages of brain cancer: brain cancer that is not handled properly will develop into stage 1. However, the signs of brain cancer in stage 1 is not too bright so it makes sense if someone who suffered is not aware of the emergence of cancer cells in the brain. In general, a person suffering from brain cancer stage 1 will begin to taste pain when he enters stage 2. Brain cancer stage 2 If it is up to stage two brain cancer, certainly not to be underestimated meskupun you have not so tasted sick. A person suffering from a stage 2 brain cancer usually begins to experience extreme fatigue, but he does not carry out excessive activity. That's because the oxygen supply to the brain is disturbed so it is not lanjar. That's what causes the patient to taste fast tired, the patient also sometimes often fainted or drop when experiencing a very significant fatigue. Stage 3 brain cancer In stage 3 brain cancer, a person suffering from this disease will generally experience headaches that are very unusual and intensity often. Headaches are so tortured and also accompanied by nosebleeds. Occurrence of nosebleeds can sometimes not be felt by the patient. Not only that, when already experienced brain cancer in stage 3 sometimes the patient will taste the hands and feet are difficult digerakan. Patients will easily fall on when walking because it loses the balance of the body. 4th stage brain cancer And if brain cancer has reached stage four, then his life can be said to be very difficult, or not live longer any longer. Thus the dangerous discourse info of brain cancer, then it's good from now you always pay attention to your body's health as well as possible.
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