Food For Maintaining Dental Health

Maintain healthy teeth, so that the culinary we eat can digested the body dnegan good. We need teeth to chew and soften when the culinary is in the mouth. In the process, there are always culinary remnants left on the sidelines of the tooth. When the culinary remains are united with the basil that is also present in the mouth, then plaque is formed. Plaque then produces acids that can damage tooth enamel, causing cavities to sit gum cases.  so that the culinary we eat can digested the body dnegan Good food for maintaining healthy teeth Because of that, we are also advised to diligently brush and clean the teeth to remove the remaining culinary remains, as well as to prevent the occurrence of sitting cases that can arise. In addition to diligently cleaning teeth to maintain their health, there are foods that are also well consumed to participate in supporting the health of teeth. Here are the culinary to maintain healthy teeth: Green tea and black tea Green tea and htam tea contain polyphenols that slow the growth of oral bacilli which causes holes in teeth and gum disease. From research conducted at the University of IIIinois found that people who clean orally with black tea for one minute as much as ten times a day have less plaque than those who clean their mouth with water. Cheese Cheese, especially cheddar cheese, can neutralize plaque. That fact was revealed in a study published in the journal General Dentistry, which reported that under-aged 12 to 5 years who consumed cheddar cheese had lower acid levels in their mouths, than under-aged who consumed a sugar-free yoghurt or a glass of milk. Raisins The sugars we consume help the bacillus to stick to the tooth surface, and create them to produce plaque. Although sweet, the raisins are naturally good, and do not contain sucrose or artificial sugar. In addition, raisins are a source of phytochemicals that help kill bacilli that pierce the teeth. Particular components in ksismis also affect the growth of bacilli associated with gum disease. Carrot, aple, and cucumber Chewing carrots or apples may require energy, the reason is not as bread. However, the enerhi released to chew carrots or apples will not be wasted, the reason is that chewing the culinary is the same as cleansing the dental plaque, and helping the dental cleanser procedure so that the bacilli will vanish. Cucumbers also have similar functions. Foods rich in vitamins American Dental Association states, culinary containing calcium such as cheese, almonds, and green leaves, bia help maintain healthy tooth enamel so it remains influential and healthy. Similar benefits are also attainable from the rich culinary of phosphorus resembling meat, eggs and fish. Chewing gum Useful gum to keep the teeth healthy is sugarless gum, the reason is that basil depends on sucrose to produce plaque. Megunyah sugarless candy after eating can increase the secretion of saliva, which works to clean up a number of bacilli in the mouth. Milk The study, published in the Journal of the American Dental Associatioin found that consuming a glass of milk can lower the acidic lebel in the mouth, compared to consuming ordinary water or apple juice. Cranberry Like tea, cranberries also contain polyphenols that help keep plaque away from teeth, and reduce the risk of cavities. Thus a brief clarification of food to maintain dental health, may be able to add to your horizons
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