How to Maintain Pregnant Women's Health

Tips to maintain the health of pregnant women - keep the health of pregnant women must be done as much as possible, because if the mother is not healthy then the child in his womb also follow what is being faced by his mother. Many bad impacts when the health of pregnant women is disrupted, one of which is able to create deaths in pregnant women. When pregnant, expectant mothers experience many medical conditions that can affect the health of baby candidates, for example morning nausea, dream cravings, pregnant women will be more sensitive to odor. But of all these habits, there are some things that must be considered by pregnant women, namely the importance of maintaining the health of the baby and the fetus of the future baby.


Speaking about pregnant women, of course, various changes to the physical one of the faces of pregnant women will look arise dark spots or brown spots. This is due to a hormonal changes that stimulate pigmentation of the face and neck. But do not be worried let alone mengolesinya with bleach ointment or gel ointment. The amount of energy that pregnant women need Pregnant women should prepare well and maintain the intake of nutrients in the body so that the process of growing fetal development in the body in a healthy and safe. The amount of energy that pregnant women need is greater than normal women who are not pregnant. The number of calories per day required by pregnant women is in the range of 285 kilos. This implies that pregnant women who work resemble before pregnancy. Some tips to keep the health of pregnant women young and pregnant: Maintain cleanliness Bathe regularly, and maintain skin hygiene is a thing to note the main point. Note also the hygiene expression of pregnant women, hormonal changes in pregnancy when able to create bleeding gums easily. Then use a soft tooth brush and brush your teeth regularly. Avoid foods that invite preservatives, additives and food sweeteners. Because it is feared this food could harm the survival of the fetus. Reduce instant foods, soft drinks and oily fried foods, high-calorie foods containing only sugar and fat. Do sports One good exercise to do for pregnant women is to practice yoga. Doing so aims to keep the autopsy of the pelvic floor more powerful, increase body endurance to stay healthy, and expedite the circulatory system and train breathing. Keep performing everyday events and exercising regularly, but do not get too tired. Check for pregnancy regularly to midwives or other health workers. Must stop smoking or drinking alcoholic because it could be harmful to the fetus. Other mineral substances that are not less important for pregnant women is iron let me avoid anemia. We need to know that anemia is also called iron deficiency in the blood and often occurs in women's intellectual balig enough sense that is on the moon. The following are the things that should be avoided for fetal health: do not work too hard so not enough to rest. Drinking medication carelessly except with a doctor's resp. Massage the stomach. Being around the under age of the German smallpox patient. Smoke Drinking alcohol Work with and inhale pesticides, herbicides or other chemicals. So some issues about maintaining the health of pregnant women, may be able to benefit you and the health of the fetus mother.
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