Identify Various Possible Causes Itching Throughout the Body -  Identify Various Possible Causes Itching Throughout the Body. Itching (pruritus) is a sensation of skin discomfort that triggers a reflex to scratch. Although impressed simple, another case if the itching has affected the whole body. It may be a sign of a serious medical condition. Understand further the various causes of whole body itching below.

 Identify Various Possible Causes Itching Throughout the Body Source: Recognize The Possible Causes Of Itching Of The Whole Body

What factors cause the whole body itch?

There are various factors that cause the onset of itching all over the body. Starting from dry skin due to aging or daily bad habits to the signs of systemic disease, including kidney failure, cancer and HIV / AIDS.

1. Dry Skin

Dry skin (xerosis) becomes one of the causes of whole body itching the most common, especially among the elderly. Because of increasingly age of a person, oil gland activity (sebaceous glands) which he has will decrease further.

In addition, the occurrence of xerosis can also be triggered by a number of reasons, such as environmental factors, drug side effects and habits bad like frequent showers with warm water, lack of drinking, often scrubbing or scratching skin roughly, etc.

2. Allergens & Irritants

The onset of itching throughout the body can also be caused by exposure to allergens or irritants, such as food, cosmetic products or daily body care, medications (hypertension, dehumidifiers) cholesterol, opioids, etc.), air, dust, insect bites and more.

In addition to itching and redness rashes, the reaction results exposure to allergens / irritants can also be accompanied by swelling on certain body areas to analgesic reactions which is life threatening.

3. Skin Diseases

There are many types of skin diseases that can cause itching on the body, such as eczema, psoriasis, scabies / scabies and smallpox water. As long as no secondary infection occurs, itching results Such skin diseases will only affect the body area certain, not entirely.

4. Nerve Disorders

In this case, the itching will usually be accompanied by other symptoms. Some of them, namely severe fatigue, numbness in certain areas and decreased cognitive abilities as well as motor.

5. Systemic Disease

Another possibility of the whole body itching can be triggered by systemic diseases, as in cases of renal failure.

Where will happen elevated levels of urea (the end result of protein metabolism) to be spread in the blood and cause itchy manifestations in whole body Several other systemic diseases can cause symptoms similar disruption of liver function, thyroid disease, desiensi anemia iron, cancer (especially Hodgkin's lymphoma) and HIV / AIDS.

6. Psychic Factors

Psychic factors, such as stress, depression and other anxiety disorders It is the cause of the whole body itch that is often ignored. There is many cases like this, where the sufferer has no history allergic or cyclical diseases, but complained of itching in all the body that never go away.

After consultation and consult a doctor, then it is known that the complaint is sourced from persistent psychic problems. If you feel a thing equally, immediately get rid of the psychic problems experienced through good stress management.

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7. Pregnancy

This pregnancy is usually triggered by hormonal changes as well as an increase blood supply to the skin. Breasts, stomach and thighs become the area of ​​the body most often visited by itching.

However, if the itching complaints are so extreme or affect the whole body, it's good to check immediately to the doctor. Not impossible, this kind of complaint is caused by a serious medical condition called obstetric cholestasis, a pregnancy disorder associated with bile flow.

Given the causes of whole body itching is so diverse, it is important to immediately go to the doctor, especially when it has lasted old or accompanied by other symptoms. Thus itching that experienced can be handled based on the underlying cause.
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