Is Intimate Position Increase Pregnant Opportunities? -  Is Intimate Position Increase Pregnant Opportunities?. For those who want to get pregnant, you may often get various suggestions, from taking vitamins, having to lift legs after having intimate, to be advised to perform certain intimate positions, such as missionaries or doggy styles.

 Is Sex Position Increase Pregnant Opportunities?
According to Lauren Streicher, MD, medical and objective director of the Center for the Treatment of Intimateual and Menopause at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago, there is no evidence that missionaries are the best position to get pregnant.

Likewise with the style of doggy. According to Streicher, doggy style, indeed allows the penis to ejaculate closer to the opening of the cervix compared with missionaries or from behind. However, opinions derived from one study from the Journal of Intimate and Marital Therapy, did not discuss the possibility of pregnancy.

So, do you need to lift your legs after having intimate and not moving for 10 minutes? "It never improves the level of fertility," says Streicher. Likewise if you do not want to get pregnant, skipping after intimate will not help you.

Sure, when you stand after intimate, some semen will come out. But actually it is not a problem. "There are millions of sperm in one drop of semen. And the most resilient, knowing, and healthy sperm can meet the egg. So even if someone comes out, it's definitely not the best sperm, "he said.

Streicher added, the factors that affect fertility are your age. Biologically, the age of 20 is the peak of fertility so that the chances of pregnancy at this age is very large. However, you do not have to worry, you can still get pregnant even though the age is already above the two heads. It's just that opportunities for pregnancy decrease with age.

If you want to increase your chances of getting pregnant, Streicher recommends using an ovulation test kit for three months. This is helpful because most women do not know when they ovulate. If you are not pregnant, visit your doctor to determine if you or your husband need additional testing. If the ovulation test shows that you are not ovulating, you should also see your doctor immediately to see what is going on.

"Many doctors say try for six months or a year. I would never say it, unless they are in their twenties and not in a hurry to get pregnant, "Streicher said.He also suggests using an ovulation tester as your guide to find out when is the right time to have intimate.According to Streicher, the best chance You to get pregnant is to have intimate every day or as often as possible in the time of ovulation.

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