Pain during menstruation? This is Tips to Reduce Menstrual Pain

                                        Tips to reduce pain during menstruation - Menstruation, menstruation or coming months is a physiological change in the body of women that occur regularly and is influenced by reproductive hormones either FSH-Estrogen or LH-Progesterone. This period is important in terms of reproduction. Women who first experience their menstruation or regular menstrual will feel pain in the abdomen. This is because there is a dirty blood cleaning on the uterus. This also determines that women who have started menstruating otherwise ready to reproduce. Therefore, this time I will share tips to reduce the pain at the start of menstruation / menstruation at the same time with his recipe. Well we just refer to this article. Here Is A Juice That Can Help Reduce Pain In Menstruation 1. Carrot And Pineapple Juice A blend of fresh pineapple flavor and sweet wotel, can make you feel more comfortable when menstruating. The main thing if you drink this juice is that it can help relieve the pain in the coming months. Because the pineapple has a bromelain content that can help the muscles of the uterine wall become more relaxed. While carrots are rich in vitamin A content that is good for our health. Here are ingredients and ingredients for making carrot and pineapple juice: � Half medium size pineapple � 2 - 3 medium carrots � enough water � honey to taste Put the pineapple and carrots into juicer or commonly called a blender, after which add enough water into the blender, this juice does not need to use sugar anymore because the taste of carrots and pineapple that is sweet enough, but if less, you can add half a spoon of honey into it. 2. Apple Juice, Carrots, And Orange After carrots, there are apples and oranges that you can count on as a healthy meal or snack when menstruation / menstruation comes. Apple fruit and citrus fruits contain high vitamin C, which makes you feel more comfortable when menstruation / menstruation comes. According to experts, foods that contain high vitamin C can prevent inflammation, so can eliminate or reduce pain during menstruation. The following are ingredients and ways of making carrot, apple, and orange juice � Medium-sized apple fruit (approximately 180grams) � 2 oranges that have been peeled (approximately 262 grams) � 5 medium carrots You just enter all the ingredients that have been provided into the blender or juicer. Serve cold to make it look fresher and tastier. 3. Avocado Juice And Bit Fruit The green fruit that has a fairly thick flesh legit dab this could be a painkiller drug during menstruation is good because its vitamin content can help the body to maintain hormone balance. Avocados contain vitamin B6 which can help prevent menstrual pain associated with mood swings and body weakness. Coupled with fruits that are rich in iron. When menstruation comes, then your body will lose some minerals, including iron. Well, this fruit is good to replace lost iron. It's not hard, to make this avocado and beetroot juice. Yu let's see the explanation below. Here below is the ingredients and the way of making avocado juice and beetroot � 1 medium-size bits � � medium-size avocado fruit given a little lemon juice � one spoon of honey How to be fairly easy, you live Enter materials that have been supplied into the blender or juicer. If you like, you can add low-fat milk or plain water. 4. Banana and Spinach Juice Who says that juice should always be fruit? Yes, you can combine vegetables and fruits in one glass of your juice. One of the things you should try is banana and spinach juice. Bananas contain vitamin B6 and potassium that can prevent you from experiencing bloating. While spinach is an excellent source of antioxidants, it makes your metabolism better. Usually pain at the time of menstruation sometimes in perparah with stomach condition that bloated. Well, with you drinking this juice, you can feel better. Yu we refer to his recipe. Here below is the ingredients and the way of making banana and spinach juice � 4 small glasses of raw spinach � 1 medium banana � 150 yogurt (it feels the way you like it) � a little water Combine all ingredients that have been provided into the blender or juicer, then serve with a little ice cubes to look more fresh and delicious. After that, you can feel better. A few tips from me, share if you think this is useful. please if anyone wants to argue, request articles, ask questions about health, you can pour in the comments field. Thank you:)
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