Sugar Consumption Rules When Pregnant - Sugar Consumption Rules When Pregnant. Pregnant women need a large amount of nutrients. In addition to meeting their own needs, pregnancy nutritional intake is also required for fetal growth and development. To meet these needs, pregnant women need to increase nutrient intake in accordance with the recommended amount. Because, when lack of nutritious intake, the fetus will utilize saving of nutrients in the mother's body. One of the necessary nutrient intake of pregnant women is carbohydrate. Experts recognize carbohydrates in two groups, namely complex and simplex carbohydrates. In the case of pregnant women, experts advise to consume complex carbohydrates. Complex carbohydrates when consumed, not directly absorbed, but must be digested first into smaller components, then absorbed by the body. Foods that contain complex carbohydrates also contain many vitamins and minerals.

Sugar Consumption Rules When Pregnant

Consuming complex carbohydrates will increase fiber intake, which is useful to prevent constipation or difficult bowel movements during pregnancy. Types of foods that include complex carbohydrates are rice, potatoes, mei, bread, corn, whole wheat flour (whole wheat).

In contrast, simple carbohydrates are very easy to digest and rapidly increase blood sugar levels. Examples of foods that fall into this category are sugar.

Sugar is a sweetener that many people love. We have so many foods that contain sugar around us, because sugar is often added to many foods.

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What if pregnant women consume sugar? Excessive consumption of sugar is not recommended for pregnant women. Sugar will be absorbed and lead to blood circulation quickly. If the blood sugar level is too high, then the body will have difficulty in balancing blood sugar levels. If this condition persists, it can lead to gestational diabetes or diabetes in pregnancy.

In addition, excessive sugar consumption can cause a large baby / macrosomia. Large babies later can cause complications in labor and increase the risk of metabolic diseases in childhood.

The government itself through the Ministry of Health has issued Minister of Health Regulation number 30 of 2013 on the inclusion of information on sugar content in processed food and ready food. The government calls for the consumption of sugar per person not more than 4 tablespoons (50 g) per day.
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