The Importance of Maintaining Reproductive Health Maintaining women's reproductive health, it is important to note, given that the female reproductive system is designed to be capable of performing several functions. Based on the definition of the health department, it is known that reproductive health is a healthy state as a whole and normal reproduction process. 

Thus we can mean that reproductive health is not only a disease-free condition, but how one is able to have a conducive and satisfying intimateual life, and they have the ability to reproduce and the freedom to choose their desires, when and the frequency. And from its own understanding of reproductive health is a state of physical, mental, and social well-being and not just the absence of disease or weakness in everything that cooperates with the reproductive system and its functions and processes. 

The vulnerability of a woman's health to various types of reproductive diseases must be to make women more careful and to keep the organs. there are several ways to maintain reproductive health in women is by changing panties every day and when mengalamai vaginal discharge. After urination or large. Here are tips for maintaining healthy reproductive organs in women: Underwear should be changed every day and on whitish days, it is better to use panty liner so as not to cling to underwear that cause discomfort. Avoid stress hyperbole and switch to an active lifestyle with regular exercise and often eat a balanced diet, nutritious and vitamin. 

Perform washing by using water pda genitals either husband or wife when going to carry out intercourse. Avoid using soap or sweeping the shower gel on the genitals because it can cause dryness and skin irritation and it will be itchy. Some women are sensitive and allergic to the content of perfume and soap scum. When menstruation, you are advised to often replace the pads, especially on days of blood. Avoid the use of vaginal cleaners sold in the market, for able to make side effects and change the vaginal pH. Products that you should avoid that if after use it will make itchy, sore and reddish. Avoid intercourse with multiple partners. 

Avoid intercourse at the time of menstruation. Be diligent to shave and clean the intimate organs regularly. At least 40 days. Because if left too dense then the basil will nest in the crevice gap. Keep always the temperature humidity in the intimate organs, because if it is too moist or too high temperature will cause unhealthy intimate organs. 

And here are some causes of unhealthy reproductive organs responses due to unhealthy lifestyles: Unhealthy intimateual activity, this will cause the organs of reproduction disturbed and unhealthy, cotohnya such as: HIV / AIDS Gonorrhea Syphilis Gonorrhea Lion King Herpes Genital hepes Hernia Chlamydia Consuming unhealthy food intake, showing the intake of food and drinks arbitrarily in the body will greatly affect the health of reproductive organs: Impotence Premature ejaculation Erectile dysfunction Intimateual dysfunction Impotence Fertility problems That's some how to care for and maintain the health of reproductive organs, love and care for ourselves, and always diligent and routine in maintaining body health and hygiene

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