The Importance of Offering Nutrition And Infant Nutrition Needs

We need to know that in good growth and development not only physical but also mental and intellectual, so the process of growth and development is worth mentioning not only as a growth process but as a process of growth and development. In order for the growth and development process to be able to run optimally, the child must get the nutritional fulfillment of children under five of their basic needs. Nutritional needs of the first toddler is a physical-biological needs in the form of nutritional needs resembling breast milk or breast milk, immunization, and physical and environmental hygiene. The second need is an emotional need in the form of affection, a sense of conducive and comfortable, appreciated, cared for, and heard his hopes and opinions. The third requirement is the interconnected basic needs, the need for stimulation which includes play events to stimulate all the senses in children, which serves to hone fine and coarse motorics, practice communication skills, train independence, train thinking and be creative. Fulfilling nutrition of children since the womb When the fetus is malnourished, it is strong in the disease called malnutrition. And also the risk of defective attack will be greater, both physical and mental disability. Therefore, for a mother to be perfect and really careful and careful attention to the womb, maintain their own health, and do not forget to show adequate nutrition that is expected by the fetus. The nutritional intake of toddlers should be well-considered, especially in the first five years of life, the reason is that the nutritional intake of toddlers at that time is very important and will affect and choose the next child's growth and development. Adequate toddler nutrition will affect all the noble brain's performance from the ability to learn to walk, to know the letters, to socialize the impact of the number and arrangement of neural connections between nerves. While the development of speech, language, creativity, social awareness, emotional and intelligence run very fast and is the foundation of the next development. Taking into account culinary intake of nutrients in infants and toddlers has the following benefits: Able to support the development and growth both physically and the brain may be more leverage. Able to help the immune system that works normally to maintain a healthy body. Can prevent health disorders resembling iron deficiency, dental caries, obesity, even osteoporosis when the age has grown. Can reduce the risk of deadly diseases in the future, resembling cancer, heart disease, diabetes and stroke. Can avoid the risk of energy imbalance, thus inhibiting child growth, decreased awareness, speech impairment, decreased intelligence, attention distraction, confidence disorder, canker sores or beri-beri. Incorrect childhood referral trends, much like consuming instant culinary or soft drinks will increase the risk of obesity. From the above reviews, as a ground odor person must always be more aware that nutrition for infants and infants must be met optimally. The application of perfect eating referrals to toddlers will usually continue until adulthood. With the fulfillment of balanced nutrition on toddlers, will certainly show the actual impact in the future. Some balanced meals for toddlers to be fulfilled: Carbohydrates, culinary carbohydrates that resemble rice, bread, cereals, potatoes. Fruit and vegetables. Milk and other dairy products. Proteins, resembling those contained in fish, milk, meat, eggs, beans. Fat, resembling that of fish oil, butter, coconut milk, bread or cake. Thus the gossip we can convey about the importance of demonstrating a balanced nutritional need for infants and infant nutrition. Hopefully useful for you
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