4 Fantastic Sex Tips For Long Distance Relationship Couples To Stay Intimate, Despite Separate Distance and Time

Roseous.com - 4 Fantastic Sex Tips For Long Distance Relationship Couples To Stay Intimate, Despite Separate Distance and Time. Living a long distance relationship aka Long Distance Relationship certainly limits your interaction with your partner. It's hard to ask for a fancy or a warm hug from him when you miss it, because it is spread by distance and time. Especially for the affairs of the bed. In fact, sex is one of the important foundations that can maintain household harmony. But do not worry. There are many creative ways for you to keep having sex during Long Distance Relationship (LDR). Come on, peek!

4 Fantastic Sex Tips For Long Distance Relationship LDR Couples To Stay Intimate, Despite Separate Distance and Time

Unique tips and tricks to deal with sex during Long Distance Relationship

1. Use sex toys

There are different types of sex toys available on the market. But especially for you and the Long Distance Relationship pair, toys with remote remote control feature can be a solution to heat your bed and the him.

For example, a vibrator for a woman to wear while her remote is held by a male partner. Both of you can then schedule free time for long-distance sex sessions, where the woman uses a vibrator during masturbation while her male partner controls the vibrational strength and tempo of the vibrator's speed.

At the same time, male partners can also masturbate while imagining what women are doing at the time.

2. Through video call

Technology is the best friend of the Long Distance Relationship pair to be able to continue to communicate remotely. So in addition to the missed meeting, why not get around the video call feature to have sex when Long Distance Relationship?

You can tease the couple through the laptop screen with a variety of sexy foreplay tricks. For example, ask him or her to watch you slowly undressing with sensual music, which then continues by groping your own body to make him aroused and more curious. Can also while whispering seduction nan rogue rogue. Furthermore, let your passion that brings the direction of where the game.

3. Sexting

Exchanging naughty messages aka sexting can help maintain sex drive when the Long Distance Relationship continues to blaze. Through sexting, you can also get to know each other more deeply. The reason, sexting will require you to use wild words to express your desire as well as to make it aroused. While it may be while still in one time zone, you and your partner may tend to be shy to express their passions clearly.

While sexting you can also be free to imagine to create the desired atmosphere and sexual fantasy, but never accomplished before. In fact, you can also include photos that are sensual or nude photos while texting to release the passion you hold up because of Long Distance Relationship (LDR).

However, remember to keep it a secret by deleting every message and photo once it's done sexting to avoid the things that are not desirable.

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4. Sex by phone

In addition through text, you and your partner can have sex on the phone. The principle is tantamount to sexting. Let your wildest imagination guide this long-distance sex session.

You can start slowly by asking for clothes that are worn couple. Then reveal that you miss him and want him near you. Then, ask the couple to caress and touch his own body. For example starting from the lips, neck, chest, breasts, down to the penis or vagina. At the same time, you can do the same thing as you instruct your partner.

You can both fantasize together with imagining each other is giving stimulation. When you and your partner start aroused, offer him to masturbate simultaneously. You can also ask your partner to make video calls to make the sensation of sex more real.

In addition to masturbation via long-distance channels, phone sessions can also be used to plot sex like what you want to do when you both meet in the real world. That way, you and your partner will still feel intimate and passionate to go through the days, even if they are separated.
4 Fantastic Sex Tips For Long Distance Relationship Couples To Stay Intimate, Despite Separate Distance and Time 4 Fantastic Sex Tips For Long Distance Relationship Couples To Stay Intimate, Despite Separate Distance and Time Reviewed by ROSEOUS COM on May 13, 2018 Rating: 5
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