4 Signs of an Intimate Relationship Starting Damp In Your Marriage Life

Roseous.com - 4 Signs of a Intimate Relationship Starting Damp In Your Marriage Life. In married life, intimate is not everything. However, having a healthy intimate life and great role in the marriage sustainability. Quoted from the Huffington Post, there are various intimate problems that can be a sign of marriage will end and not last long if left continuously and not sought the solution. Here's a sign of marriage life threatened due to the loss of intimate that is not harmonious.
Signs of a Sex Relationship Starting Damp In Your Marriage Life

1. No more physical attraction

No more physical attraction

Moushomi Gouse, an American intimate therapist stated that the loss of physical attraction between married couples became one of the important signs of marriage was on the edge.

The reason, couples who are not physically attracted each other usually will lose intimateual attraction. This can apply on both sides or even on one side only. If this happens then there is one party that feels unwanted.

As a result, the intimacy between the two couples who should become household glue slowly disappears and can even fade if left continuously.

2. No more having intimate

No more having sex
Intimate in marriage brings a line of benefits and benefits. Having intimate with a partner can increase the level of commitment with a partner, make the couple emotionally connected, even reduce stress. For that, if in your marriage and your partner no longer have intimate, you need to be vigilant because this could be a sign of threatened marriage life.

Couples who no longer have intimate will feel distant and even really distanced themselves from each other because there is no emotional bond that strengthens between the two. If you have this, do not think trivial because it will be bad for marriage life if it lasts for a long time.

Immediately talk about what the underlying problem and solve the solution together without raising the ego of each.

3. Health problems used as an excuse to refuse intimate

Health problems used as an excuse to refuse sex

Not infrequently health problems such as premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, and also pain during intimateual intercourse is used as an excuse to avoid intimate. Inferiority, embarrassment, and unwanted feelings can blanket the minds of people with it. Couples health problems are always used as a scapegoat to continue to reject the couple's intimate appeal. If this is left constantly, your partner will feel bored and feel avoided.

For that, do not make intimate as a scapegoat. If you are having certain intimate problems, try to immediately consult a doctor so that it can be handled properly and not damage your household life. Try also to discuss this with your partner openly and find the best solution.

4. Differences of desire in intimate

4 Signs of a Sex Relationship Starting Damp In Your Marriage Life

If you are in a condition where the couple wants more intimate than you want, then you need to be alert. Although it looks trivial, but this can cause major problems for most couples.

According to Megan Fleming, a psychologist and intimate therapist in New York, couples with lower intimate desire are in control of her partner's intimate life. If this is left unconscious, the partner who has a higher intimate appetite will feel annoyed for feeling neglected.

Even in some cases, these differences are at risk of divorce. This is because couples who have bigger appetites may not accept the fact that intimate appetite can not be channeled properly.

Yet when discussed carefully, this can be overcome and not to trigger a great dispute. Not only that, the difference in desire about the desired type of intimate can also be a big problem if not discussed.

For that, the key to the solution is expressing the desire of each for your intimateual desires and needs and the couple can be met fairly.

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