5 Symptoms of Stomach Pain That Should be Examined to The Doctor

Roseous.com - 5 Symptoms of Stomach Pain That Should be Examined to The Doctor. You may often experience abdominal pain. Either because the food you eat is too spicy or snacks in a less clean place. However, do not underestimated stomach ache. If there are other complaints you feel, then you need to be vigilant. There are many dangerous diseases characterized by symptoms of abdominal pain.

5 Symptoms of Stomach Pain That Should be Examined to The Doctor

For that, you need to know what symptoms of stomach pain that need to be aware, so that faster handled by the doctor.

Recognize symptoms of abdominal pain sign of serious illness

There are many vital organs that surround your abdomen. Starting from the stomach, intestines, bile, and others. If the organ is impaired or damaged so that it can not work normally, it will certainly cause pain in your stomach. If you experience abdominal pain along with other symptoms, check with your doctor immediately.

Symptoms of abdominal pain that you should not be sincere, among others:

1. Upper abdominal pain accompanied by upper back pain

Upper abdominal pain as well as upper back or around the shoulder for several hours, can be a sign of a disease. Especially if followed by other symptoms such as bloating, nausea, and the body or eyes so yellowish. Although not yet certain, the symptoms you are experiencing it refers to gallstone disease.

Bile is a small organ under the liver. Its function is to help the absorption of fat and lighten the work of the liver to remove metabolic waste substances, either in the form of liquid or gas. When the amount of cholesterol is overwhelming, there will be a buildup in the bile that forms. Over time, the buildup will clump and block the bile ducts.

Reported from WebMD, this disease can not be detected earlier without physical examination of the doctor. Thus, when symptoms appear the possibility of gallstones is blocking the bile ducts. If you experience any of these symptoms check your doctor immediately; The sooner the better.

2. Lower right abdominal pain

Initially stomach pain appears at the top of the abdomen. However, when you move the pain instead change in the bottom right, even can spread to the back and rectum. Especially if you feel swelling of the stomach, fever, nausea and vomiting, and other digestive disorders. Do not underestimate the demanding symptoms because you are most likely experiencing appendicitis.

The intestine has many parts and serves to digest anything that enters your body. If the food you eat is unhealthy and it hurts the appendix, it can become inflamed. Sometimes the appendix wall can be filled with pus due to inflammation. If not immediately get a doctor's treatment, the appendix may rupture and spread the infection into the abdominal cavity, causing complications.

This condition is so emergency that treatment is done by surgery. For that, do not let you ignore the symptoms that arise because of your condition can get worse later.

3. Lower left abdominal pain

In the large intestine there are pockets called diverticula. When the inflamed vein, then you will feel stomach pain in the lower left and worse as you move. In addition, these symptoms are often followed by chills, stomach bloating, and nausea and vomiting so that the appetite is reduced. These symptoms can last for several hours even last up to a week or more. This condition is known as diverticulitis.

The cause of diverticulitis is not known for certain. However, doctors believe that eating less fiber can be a cause. Without fiber, the colon should work harder than normal to push the stool out. The process causes pressure on the large intestine. Gradually, dots form along the large intestine and eventually become inflamed. Possibly also, the points in the intestine bag can be inflamed due to the presence of bacteria.

The symptoms that appear in diverticulitis disease are similar to other diseases. Therefore, the doctor will perform a blood test, CT scan, or X-ray to determine the cause of abdominal pain that you feel.

4. Stomach pain accompanied by yellow or green vomit

Abdominal pain due to gastritis can appear in the upper middle or top left. The pain even pierced backward, so the back also hurt. Besides being sick, the stomach feels bloated, nauseated, and makes you vomit. Vomiting may be greenish, yellowish, or vomit blood.

Other symptoms include fever, rapid heartbeat, and shortness of breath and chest pain if the condition is severe. The disease is caused by the bacterium Helicocobacter pylori (H. pylori) that infects your stomach lining. Can also be caused by the immune system that attacks the lining of the stomach, if gastritis including the type of autoimmune gastritis.

In some people, gastritis does not cause symptoms that are quite visible so often late to get treatment. So, pay close attention to any symptoms that occur other than abdominal pain, so that more quickly get doctor help.
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5. Stomach ache accompanied by vomiting blood or bloody chapter

Cancer cells can invade your organs anywhere, including the stomach. Many people who do not feel the symptoms until the cancer cells have really spread. At first, the symptoms that appear are abdominal pain. The pain persisted, even more than two weeks.

Then, you will feel the pressure on the stomach that makes you feel bloated or bloated. This causes the appetite to be reduced. Other stomach cancer symptoms may appear, such as vomiting blood or even bloody stools. If you feel this symptoms should immediately see a doctor.
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