6 Ways to Increase Sperm

Roseous.com - 6 Ways to Increase Sperm. Sperm is a male reproductive cell produced by the testes. Another name of sperm is spermatozoa or semen. Sperm begins to produce at puberty until the man dies. Sperm is important for men to produce offspring.

6 Ways to Increase Sperm

Healthy sperm depends on various factors such as:
  1. Quantity: Healthy sperm has 15 million sperm per millimeter.
  2. Quality: Normal sperm have long oval head and tail and work together to push each other forward or move fast.
  3. Movement: Good sperm should be able to move quickly, stretched, and swam through the egg through the cervix. If the number of fast moving sperm is more than 40 percent, then you are fertile.

Well, the more healthy sperm, the possibility of pregnancy will be greater. What if your sperm count is a little? In addition to increasing the number of sperm with certain foods, you can also try how to reproduce the sperm: Click here to get a consultation with a doctor.

Natural supplements

Taking natural supplements containing folic acid, L-carnitine, or L-arginine is one way to increase sperm.

L-carnitine can be obtained from red meat and milk which also contains natural amino acids that can multiply sperm and make sperm movements more agile. Natural folic acid can be obtained from whole grains combined with zinc.

While L-arginine is present in nuts, sesame seeds, eggs, and meat. Consumption of antioxidants, vitamin E, and selenium also increase the rate of speed and concentration of sperm.

Kegel exercises

Doing muscle exercises in an intimate area such as Kegel will make men more durable during intercourse and get a more satisfying orgasm.

Know the location of this pubococcygeus (PC) muscle by stopping urinating for a few seconds. The contracting muscle is the PC muscle. Well after that, get used to do Kegel exercises by contracting the PC muscle and relax again. Do it regularly, yes!

Stop drinking alcohol and smoking

Alcohol has an effect that can interfere with liver function and increase estrogen so that it can disrupt sperm production. Also stop smoking. The reason, smoking also affects the number of sperm produced. Men who smoke have fewer sperm counts than men who do not smoke.

Reduce masturbation

How to increase sperm is actually simple. You just need to have more intercourse. The reason, the more often you ejaculate, the sperm will be more thick and plentiful. This will not happen if you masturbate more.

Healthy diet

Starting a healthy life is a way to multiply sperm that can be spelled out easy but difficult. Believe it or not, regulating a healthy diet will increase sperm while improving its quality.
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If you are experiencing the problem of being overweight, immediately lower it with a healthy diet and exercise. Because obesity is associated with a decrease in the quantity and quality of male sperm.


Wearing underwear during sleep can facilitate airflow to the testicles so that the testes are not "overheated". Hot temperatures and underwear, especially tight, will increase the heat so that the sperm count is reduced.

In addition, how to multiply sperm is to avoid the habit of wearing tight pants, change the position after sitting too long (because driving or working, for example), and avoid soaking in hot water for too long or sauna.
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