7 A Clean Life Behavior that is Really Bad for Health

Roseous.com7 A Clean Life Behavior that is Really Bad for Health. Everyone should duly maintain personal hygiene to keep them healthy. But in fact, many of the clean life behaviors that you may apply are secretly damaging your body's health. Wow! What are they? Clean life behavior that quietly damages health
1. Direct toothbrush after meal
Closing your mouth with your hands while sneezing

Everyone should ideally diligently brush their teeth twice a day, ie in the morning and before bedtime. However, many people immediately brush their teeth a few minutes after eating. The intention may be to avoid food tucked in teeth that could be the source of various mouth problems, but this actually backfires for your dental health. After the food gets into the mouth and is crushed by the saliva, the food will produce an acid, one of which is citric acid. The acid that is still attached to the teeth will be absorbed into the tooth enamel as you brush your teeth right after eating, and then scrape it from the inside. Emails that are eroded by acid will make the dentin weaker. As a result, your teeth will become more sensitive, thinning, and easy to feel pain. To avoid this, wait about 30-60 minutes after you finish eating if you want to brush your teeth. 2. Clean the ear with a cotton bud
Clean the ear with a cotton bud

It seems almost everyone is used to cleaning earwax using cotton bud. Unfortunately, few know that this is a total misconduct. Indeed there will be a bit of dirt that is picked up and stuck to the end of the cotton, but at the same time you also push and compress the rest of the earwax more deeply inside. The more often you use cotton bud, the more dirt pushed and finally harden clog the ear canal. This condition is called serumen impaction, which can lead to hearing loss. Serumen impaction can sometimes also cause pain and depression in the ear, until the sensation of buzzing. Not infrequently, the cotton bud impulse until it can pierce the eardrum. Badly, there could be bleeding because of putting too deep cotton buds that eventually lead to infection or hearing loss. Brande Plotnick, MS. The MBA quoted by Reader's Digest states that the ears do not need to be cleaned. Earpings will usually come out by itself. Alternatively, flush clean water into the ears while bathing to remove dirt. 3. Using hand sanitizer

Using hand sanitizer

Diligent hand washing is part of a clean life behavior. To make it easier, you can use hand sanitizer. Unfortunately, some compounds such as triclosan, bisphenol A, alcohols, and other cleaning agents in the hand sanitizer have adverse health effects. These substances risk increasing bacterial resisitensi, affect hormones, and make the skin becomes more dry hands. It's safe to wash your hands with soap and running water or make your own natural hand sanitizer. 4. Using vaginal cleansers
Using vaginal cleansers

Betel soap, feminine soap, until vaginal douching is not recommended at all for cleaning the vagina. When you use feminine soap, the chemicals contained therein will disrupt the pH balance of the vagina by shutting down the good bacterial colonies inside. This then increases your risk of getting bacterial infections as well as vaginal yeast infections. Just like the ear, the vagina can clean itself without your need. You just need to rinse it with clean running water and keep it dry. Check out the following links on the correct way to keep your vagina clean. 5. Frequent exfoliation

Frequent exfoliation

Exfoliation can be a good way to keep skin young. With eksfoliasi, dead skin cells can be lifted and replaced with healthy skin cells. Even so, too often do this treatment can knock out skin natural oils that make it so much drier and easily irritated. Too hard to rub scrub when eksfoliasi can also be bad. If your skin is normal, eksfoliasi ideally done twice weekly while for sensitive skin just once a week. Preferably consult with your doctor first if you want to know your skin type as well as the right way of exfoliation. 6. Bath or hot tub for too long

Bath or hot tub for too long

Bath or hot bath can help remove the fatigue and chase away. Sleep more soundly afterwards. However, too long a bath or warm water bath can knock out natural oils that exist on the surface of your skin. As a result, the skin was dry and vulnerable problem. If you still want a warm shower, set the temperature to not too hot and try not to stay too long. For adults, the recommended safe limit for warm baths without causing skin damage is about 41-42º Celsius and not more than 10 minutes. 7. Closing your mouth with your hands while sneezing

Closing your mouth with your hands while sneezing

Sneezing is indeed annoying, not to mention the bacteria or viruses contained in the water droplets can be transmitted to others. To avoid it, you need to keep your mouth shut while sneezing - but do not cover it with both hands. After you sneeze, the germs that were in the nose or mouth will move into your hands. If you do not immediately wash your hands and immediately hold or touch other objects, or even shake hands with other people, the germs in your hands will move again. This is what causes flu and colds are very contagious.
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Ideally, cover your nose and mouth with your deep elbow or inner arm when you will sneeze. Or, always ready the tissue to cover your mouth while sneezing, and immediately throw it into the trash. Using a nose mask also prevents the spread of the virus.
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