7 Sleep Problems That Silently Damaged Relationship

Roseous.com - 7 Sleep Problems That Silently Damaged Relationship. Sleep snoring or other sleep problems can sometimes make sharing a story after going home from work is easier than when having to share a bed with a partner at night. Michael Breus, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist at The American Academy of Sleep Medicine, told Women's Health that sleep disorders are one of the causes of unconscious household conflicts. So what are the sleep problems that can harm the relationship and how to overcome it? Psstt .. Read the following reviews, yes!

Sleep Problems That Silently Damaged Relationship

Sleep deprivation triggers emotions

In fact, people who sleep less proved more emotionally easy. Lack of sleep causes a foggy mind that makes it difficult for you to concentrate, focus, and make decisions. That's why uncontrolled emotions also often make someone act without thinking to do something bad without intending to do it.

This has been proven by a team of researchers from the University of California who observed 80 couples harmonious husband. They report that people who sleep less nights tend to disrespect their partner the next day. If left continuously, over time this will lead to conflicts that damage the harmony of the household slowly.

Various sleep problems that can disrupt the relationship of romance

Here are some sleep problems that can disturb your relationship and your partner.

1. Bedtime is different

sleep benefits

Having the same pattern of sleep with a partner, both when going to bed and wake up, is not easy. You may be bothered by the sound of a partner's alarm, especially if she turns on the room lights and gets ready for the move. This simple thing turns out to ruin your mood when you welcome the morning.

So, talk with your partner to get the same sleep and wake time. But if not possible, make an agreement to immediately turn off the alarm so as not to interfere with the comfort of sleep with each other.

2. Sleep snoring

sleeping couple snoring

Not a few people who complain can not sleep because woke to hear the sound of his partner's snoring at night. Maybe your partner does not realize if during the time he slept snoring, but you have been very disturbed by this one sleep problem.

Relax first, there are several ways you can do to help overcome the habits of couples who 'hobby' sleep snoring. The trick is to change the pair's sleeping position to sideways, using a rather high pillow, to use the help of white noise to create a more comfortable sleeping atmosphere.

3. Insomnia

overcome insomnia

Difficult to sleep a night may be a common thing happens when you are stricken with severe stress due to work problems. However, if this one sleep problem occurs at least three times a week, then you may experience insomnia.

When a person has a sleep disorder, his emotional state will also be disturbed. Therefore, people who sleep less become more irritable and tend to withdraw from the crowd. Not only have an impact on themselves, this can also make the mood of couples come into turmoil.

If your partner has insomnia, try to take him regular exercise. The reason, a study shows that people who rarely exercise more susceptible to insomnia. Also, take your partner to bed early to reduce his or her insomnia.

If you have done everything but still unsuccessfully, ask counselor or therapist to help your partner get out of sleep problems.

4. Restless leg syndrome

Restless leg syndrome

Restless leg syndrome (RLS) syndrome is a nervous disorder that causes a person to move his legs out of control. This condition usually worsens in the afternoon and evening.

When it occurs at night, this disease will usually disrupt sleeping patients and their partners. Because, as many as 80 percent of people with RLS often accidentally kicked the person sleeping next to him. So do not be surprised if the sleeping comfort of couples become threatened.

If your partner has RLS, see your doctor immediately for medical help. Your doctor may prescribe certain medications that may increase your dopamine levels to help relieve kicking reflexes during sleep. Be sure to always apply a healthy lifestyle, such as reducing caffeine and smoking, regular exercise, and massage in the legs to reduce RLS symptoms.

5. Sleep apnea
obstructive sleep apnea snoring disease

Not just snoring aka snoring, people with obstructive sleep apnea often suddenly awakened during sleep because it stopped breathing. Sleep apnea makes the sufferer, and often his partner, does not get enough rest.

Sleep apnea can increase the risks of chronic diseases, such as diabetes, cardiovascular problems, and obesity. In fact, people who experience sleep apnea can also experience erectile dysfunction.

But do not worry before. Based on a study of 80 men with erectile dysfunction and sleep apnea, treatment with CPAP tools for at least three months can help lower erectile dysfunction in men and improve sleep quality.

6. Different room temperature settings

Different room temperature settings

Although trivial, the debate about the ideal bedroom temperature can be a thorn in your blanket and partner. You may be more comfortable with warm room temperature, while your partner prefers cold temperatures to sleep well. Then maybe not infrequently you and the he so often seizure remote AC.

This should be well compromised. You certainly do not want to spend every night with shivering, so does your partner who does not want to continue to sweat at night because of the heat.

The best solution to overcome this is to set room temperature together. Research shows that the best room temperature for sleep is 18-22 degrees Celsius. This temperature range is cool because it is right in the middle between warm and cold.

If your partner still feels cold with this temperature, provide a thicker blanket for him or have him use thick socks during sleep to keep his feet warm. If you are feeling overheated, wear a thin blanket and consider wearing a soft nightgown and absorbing sweat. Thus, you and your partner can sleep soundly without having to interfere with each other.

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7. Habit before bed

Habit before bed

Everyone must have different habits before bed. Some choose to watch TV until they fall asleep, turning on or off the room lights, or sleeping with pets.

Be careful, the different pre-bedtime habits can trigger conflict with each other. Take for example, the sound of TV may help your partner sleep faster, while you need silence in order to sleep well.

Relax first, every sleep problem has its own solution. Try to install the self-timer on the TV and go to sleep immediately. Notice again whether your partner managed to sleep despite the TV is in a state of death. If the TV sound still needs to echo in the room, try to use earplugs to help you sleep.
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