Appearing Acne in Breast Putting, Is It Normal? - Appearing Acne in Breast Putting, Is It Normal?. Got stubborn acne of course sucks. Although acne is more often grow in the face, sometimes some will appear in unexpected areas in the body, for example in the back, vagina, even the nipple. Yes, acne in the nipples may occur. How come? What causes it and how to treat it?

 Appearing Acne in Breast Putting, Is It Normal?

No need to worry if there is acne in the nipple of the breast.

Although you are trying to keep your skin clean, acne can always appear even in unexpected places. One of them around the nipple of the breast.

Many men and women are worried when experiencing this condition. Even so, the growth of acne in the nipple can occur to anyone and still quite normal so you do not need to worry.

However, if the longer the lump feels more pain, itching, redness, until the fluid out, there may be other health conditions that you should be aware of.

What causes acne to grow in the nipple area?

1. Lacking personal hygiene

The fundamental thing that is often associated with the emergence of acne is less to maintain personal hygiene. Because the nipple easily rub against clothes, if you rarely bathe, rarely wash your bra, and clothes.

So dirt clothing, dead skin cells, oil, or sweat, will easily rub against the skin that ultimately cause acne in your breast area.

2. Clogged pores

Same with acne in general, one cause of acne in the nipple is due to the pore blockage in the skin. For example because there is accumulation of oil and dead skin cells in the nipple area of ​​the breast.

3. Hair follicles grow inwards

Each person has a hair root that grows around the nipple and areola. Normal hair follicles should grow out, but when the hair follicle is clogged so that it grows inward, it will cause a lump like a pimple. This condition, usually will disappear and return to normal by itself.

4. Nipple blisters

Acne can also be caused by friction of the clothes. Wearing clothes that are too tight, or wearing a sports-specific bra while exercising can cause blisters and acne.

5. Swollen montgomery glands

The mongtgomery gland is a normal skin gland that looks like a small but painless lump, lying around the areola of the breast. This gland is in charge of producing oil to keep the skin around the breast in order to stay well lubricated.

Swollen montgomery glands are not common, more suffered by pregnant and lactating mothers. When breastfeeding, the sucking done by the baby may just make the area of ​​the mother's nipple become blisters, until eventually cause acne.

What is the right treatment for this condition?

Not much different from the acne that appears on the face, acne in the nipples can also be treated in the same way. However, treatment should be adjusted to the cause.

Most of the acne in the breast nipple is just silenced until gradually heal by itself. Because, just like acne in general, the body is able to clean the acne itself. It's important to remember, it's better not to try to blow out acne that is inflamed, especially if the acne grows in areas of sensitive skin, including the nipple.

Treatment options that you can do, for example by using warm water and cleansing soap or containing salicylic acid, its function to help speed up the healing process while preventing infection.

But if the growing acne is diagnosed as a serious condition, then consult a doctor.

How to prevent acne on the nipple of the breast?

If you have never experienced acne growth in the nipple or have experienced it, but do not want it to happen again, then there are precautions you can do, namely:
  1. Apply a healthy lifestyle by always keeping the body clean
  2. Wearing clothes that are not too tight to avoid blockage of skin pores
  3. Keep the intimate area clean and dry
  4. When the body sweats, try to bathe immediately and change clothes, including underwear
  5. Mothers who are breastfeeding should also always maintain the cleanliness of the breast area to prevent the occurrence of nipple complications, for example by routinely washing hands before and after breastfeeding, and breastfeeding evenly on both breasts.
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When to see a doctor?

In many cases, acne that appears on the nipple is not a dangerous thing so over time the acne will heal by itself.

But it is important to watch out for, if the acne that appears later turned into a swollen lump, pain, and redness, you should immediately consult further with the doctor to get the diagnosis and appropriate treatment.
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