Breast Care While Pregnant Until Childbirth

Roseous.comBreast Care While Pregnant Until Childbirth. Breast care is very important during pregnancy to breastfeeding. This is because breast is the only producer of breast milk which is the staple food for newborns, so breast care should be done as early as possible.

Breast Care While Pregnant Until Childbirth

Breast milk is the most ideal food for babies, with the most complete composition and can not be matched by man-made milk formula. Benefits of breast care during pregnancy
Breast care during pregnancy has many benefits, including:
  1. Keeping the breast clean, especially the hygiene of the nipple.
  2. Bending and strengthening the nipple to make it easier for the baby to suckle later.
  3. Stimulate the milk glands so that the milk production a lot and smoothly.
  4. Can detect breast abnormalities early and make efforts to overcome them.
  5. Prepare your mentality for breastfeeding.

What if the breast is not treated properly since pregnancy?

If pregnant women do not perform breast care properly and just do care before childbirth or after childbirth, then there is a risk will occur:
  • Breast milk does not come out. This is what often happens, the milk just came out after the second day or so.
  • The nipple is not protruding so the baby is difficult to suck milk.
  • Breast milk production is small so it is not consumed enough baby.
  • Infection of the breast, breast swelling or pus.
  • Bumps appear in the breast, and others.

Breast care at 3 months of gestation.

Check the nipple to see if your nipples are flat or go inside, by gently massaging the base of the nipple. Normal nipples will bulge outward.

If the nipple remains flat or reentered in the breast, then since 3 months pregnant you need to do a regular breast massage for the nipple can stand out.

The trick is to use two fingers, then the area around the nipple sorted in the opposite direction toward the base of the breast to the entire breast area. Do this massage twice a day for 6 minutes.

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Breast care at 6-9 months of gestation.
Breast care at this gestational age is very important for breastfeeding success. Do not get bored and do not risk doing it. Remember that your baby will be very grateful to all of your efforts in giving him breast milk.

Here are the treatments you can take:
  1. Compress the nipple to the areola mamae (the browned part around the nipple) with coconut oil for 2-3 minutes. The goal is to soften the dirt or crust that attaches to the nipple so easy to clean. Do not clean with alcohol or other irritating substances as they may cause scuffed nipples.
  2. Dampen both palms with coconut oil.
  3. Hold both nipples, then pull and rotate gently toward the inside and outside.
  4. Hold the base of the breast with both hands, then massage to the nipple 30 times a day.
  5. The second massage isola mamae to 1-2 drops of milk.
  6. Clean both nipples and surrounding areas with a dry and clean towel.
  7. Wear a bra that is not tight and supportive breast. Do not wear tight bra or pressing breasts during pregnancy.
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