Can Breastfeeding Cause Breast Loans? - Can Breastfeeding Cause Breast Loans? Breastfeeding is certainly the most important moments for mother and baby. Not only meet the baby's nutrients, but also to strengthen the bond between mother and baby. But many mothers are reluctant to breastfeed because it can change the shape of the breast.

Can Breastfeeding Cause Breast Loans?

Breasts can loose?

Breastfeeding is one of the natural things that occur in mothers who have just given birth. Since the pregnancy is actually the size and shape of a woman's breasts can change.

When pregnant the breast will appear enlarged and tight because of the development of tissue to prepare the breastfeeding process. While at the time of breastfeeding, breasts will feel full when many contain breast milk.

When breastfeeding, the skin and breast tissue will stretch. After the breastfeeding period ends, the breast tissue no longer produces breast milk so it shrinks the shape of the breast. This is what causes the breast to appear loosened.

Breastfeeding is not the only factor that can cause sagging breasts. Some things like body mass index, age, lifestyle, frequency of pregnancy experienced can also affect breast sagging or not. Things to remember, breasts will sag well in women who are breastfeeding or not.

How to prevent sagging breasts

Breast slack generally makes women not confident. The quickest way to improve the shape of the breast is to perform surgery. You can also prevent sagging breasts in a natural way such as exercising that strengthens the breast muscles such as push ups, side plank, or weightlifting.

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In addition to exercise, multiply the consumption of fresh vegetables and fruits to keep the breast tissue healthy. Avoid smoking because nicotine and other ingredients in cigarettes can affect collagen and breast elitism.
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