Can Thalasemia Be Prevented?

Roseous.comCan Thalasemia Be Prevented?Thalassemia (thalassemia) is a type of blood disorder that causes the proteins in red blood cells (hemoglobin) does not work properly. This condition is inherited genetically, from parents to their offspring. This means that if both parents become carriers of the gene nature of thalassemia, the likelihood of a child experiencing the same condition is 25%, possibly being a 50% gene carrier, and possibly thalassemia free of 25%.

Can Thalasemia Be Prevented?

Facts mention, thalassemia is a genetic disease that is quite often encountered. In the world, there are 15 million people who are diagnosed with this disease and experience clinical symptoms according to the disease.

In Indonesia alone, the number of carriers of thalassemia gene is quite a lot, even up to 6-10%. In other words, out of 100 living people, there are 6-10 people who have thalassemia gene. Patients with this disease is dominated by the age of 0-18 years.

Recognize the symptoms of thalassemia

Thalassemia shows varying symptoms, depending on the severity of the disease. Generally the patient will look pale due to anemia. In more severe conditions, the symptoms that appear are yellow-looking skin, open sores on the skin that looks like ulcers, enlargement of the stomach due to liver and spleen are swollen, and a distinctive face shape.

In addition, children with thalassemia also experience changes in bone marrow structures. This makes them grow slower than their age. If the condition continues, it is not possible the patient will experience complications or other complications such as heart failure.

How to treat thalassemia

Thalassemia is treated on the basis of symptoms. In mild conditions, patients will usually be given iron supplementation to deal with anemia. While under severe conditions, for example in anemia with hemoglobin less than 7, patients need to perform blood transfusions.

Related to that, technology is now continuously developed to be able to transplant stem cells, especially in special cases. The action aims to make people with thalassemia not dependent on transfusions for the rest of their lives.

How to prevent thalassemia

There is not one thing that really can prevent thalassemia until this moment. However, you can take the following actions to reduce the widespread cases of thalassemia.

  • Screening

If in the family there is a history of people with this disease, should the whole family members do the examination. It aims to determine the presence of genes of thalassemia in the family.

  • Premarital genetic counseling

If couples experience thalassemia or have a carrier gene for the nature of the disease, should do premarital genetic counseling (premarital genetic counseling). In this counseling, the counselor will share information about the disease and the possibility of descendants who experience the same situation.

  • Check for pregnancy

For couples who are married thalassemia traits and then known to be pregnant, it is advisable to perform a routine pregnancy checkup as early as possible.

Examinations include DNA checks. It is taken from the fetal placenta network to see if the fetus is thalassemia-free, has thalassemia gene, or is positive for thalassemia.
Destroying thalassemia is not an easy matter. Need cooperation between medical personnel and sufferers. If you or a family member is infected with this disease, you should immediately see a doctor to get the right treatment.
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