Conditions Needed to Know for 9 Months Pregnant Mother. - Conditions Needed to Know for 9 Months Pregnant MotherWhen pregnant 9 months, the fetus is in the stage of refinement and has filled the entire uterine cavity. In a few days, pregnant women will undergo the process of childbirth. At the end of pregnancy, pregnant women need to know the various information in order to undergo a period of 9 months of pregnancy calmly.

Conditions Needed to Know for 9 Months Pregnant Mother.

At 9 months of pregnancy, usually pregnant women will experience various conditions that interfere with comfort in the move. Some of these conditions such as increased frequency to the bathroom, crowded due to pressure in the diaphragm area, as well as heartburn.

Therefore, pregnant women need to know the cause of various complaints when 9 months pregnant. The following are some of the causes of the Babyologist:

1. The stomach feels tight

This is a major complaint in older pregnant women. This condition often makes pregnant women feel uncomfortable or even panicked. However, this condition is very natural, because as the development of fetus and uterus are getting bigger.

2. Legs swell

In addition to back pain and pain in the waist area, it turns out 9 months pregnant women also often experience increasingly swollen feet. Indeed, anyway, this condition is quite disturbing activity. But, not to worry.

Swollen feet occur because of excess fluid, lack of movement, and blood flow is less smooth. Pregnant women can be more actively moving to reduce the resulting swelling.

3. The release of blood and mucus from the vagina

The emergence of blood or mucus certainly raises concerns for pregnant women. If this happens, the sign of labor gets closer. Immediately consult your obstetrician to get proper treatment.

4. Breast milk that never go out

One of the things that causes breast milk does not come out is the psychic condition of pregnant women who may experience stress. Thus, the hormones progesterone and estrogen that help the process of formation of breast milk can not work with the maximum.

To fix this, you just need to relax and do not mind too much. In addition, do not hesitate to ask the doctor to ask food that can stimulate the release of breast milk.

Calorie needs of pregnant women

The last three months of pregnancy or commonly called the third trimester of pregnancy, according to dr. Melyarna Putri from, pregnant women will need an additional calorie about 200 calories in a day. So, the total calories needed at the age of 9 months is 2,200 calories.

"This calorie value recommendation is based on the average size of each person. However, to determine the actual number of calories, it takes factors such as weight, activity, and type of twin pregnancy or not, "he explained.

Then dr. Mely also explained the importance of nutritious food intake before delivery. Foods consumed by pregnant women are intended to provide enough energy for the preparation of childbirth.

"Childbirth is a laborious and laborious process. Therefore, pregnant women should have enough energy. Vitamin K intake is also needed to help speed up blood clotting after childbirth, "added dr. Mely.

This vitamin K content you can get from eating wheat bread, melon fruit, green beans, and pasta.

Is it safe to have intimate?

The need for intimateual intercourse will surely show up when you are pregnant older though. Myths that circulate, intimateual intercourse at 9 months pregnant can affect the fetus. In fact, according to dr. Resthie Rachmanta Princess of, when the condition of pregnancy healthy, intimateual intercourse is fine.

At any gestation, intercourse with ejaculation inside does not matter if you want to do it. Provided, a healthy pregnancy and no complaints that follow the intimateual relationship, such as bleeding spots, oozy-membrane fluid, uterine contractions are constant, and the history of miscarriage.

"The fetus will not be affected because it is protected by the placenta, and the uterine contractions that arise during orgasm are actually not strong enough to trigger labor," explains dr. Resthie.

If you are pregnant and want to have intimate, dr. Resthie advises you to do so in a safe position, ie a position that does not cause pressure on the abdomen or uterus.
You can try a position lying on the edge of the bed, so the couple can stand facing you. This position helps prevent the couple from falling on your stomach.

Thus some important information that you must know when 9 months pregnant. As a pregnant woman, surely you are advised to run everything that is recommended by doctor. Thus, your pregnancy will feel more comfortable. You will be more calm in the face of labor.

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